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Some of you may remember that around this time last year (and the year before that) I took it into my head to declare a randomly chosen seven-day span of time to be Mpreg Week. Perhaps you'd forgotten. Perhaps you'd hoped I'd forgotten! Au contraire, my dears; I have not forgotten! And since I love mpreg, and others have been kind enough to indulge me in the past, I am now declaring it to be The Third Annual Mpreg Week! You know what that means! Mpreg, from today until next Sunday! Read it, write it, draw it, rec it, talk about it, whatever tickles your fancy. For my part, I shall work on finishing the long-awaited sequel to Embarazado, and perhaps a few other little drabbles and ficlets if I can manage it.

Now, go forth and mpreg!
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I found something out today. It turns out there are things that should not go on open cuts. Chief among them is a mixture of jalepano and lime juice.


On the other hand (the one not currently submerged in an ice bath to stave off the stinging) I made tortilla soup and it is delicious. But it's very hard to type with one hand. :(

Also, ow.
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About a year ago, I took it upon myself to delcare it Mpreg Week. My friendslist is wonderful and coopertive, and dutifully composed several lovely fics in celebration. I meant to announce another Mpreg Week this year, but forgot. I just realized I've overshot the mark by about two weeks, but better late then never, right? Don't answer that.

Thus, I once again give myself the authority to declare that today until next Saturday is Mpreg Week Version 2.0. I heartily encourage all of you who are inclined to participate to pick some unlucky character and knock them up. Spam your friendslist with mpreg fic, they like it! Really!

And I swear on a stack of bibles that I will produce something myself this time around. You may all form a posse to take me out back and shoot me if I don't come through. To give me some encouragement, I will take prompts for mpreg drabbles and ficlets. Give me your requests, and I'll do my very best to produce something for you!
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You know you're a geek when...upon experiencing an earthquake, the first thing you do is rush to the computer to find out exactly where the epicenter is, what the magnitude was, and fill out a questionnare on a website about what it felt like. A dork iz me.

Also, it's extremely amusing to run a Google search for 'seismic activity' and get an Ebay ad reading Looking for seismic activity? Find exactly what you want today!. O Google.
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I have had six shots in the past twenty-four hours. My nurse called me a pincushion, and I feel like one. Ow.

Also, yesterday in class, someone used the phrase 'rocks fall, everybody dies' when complaining about an abrupt ending in a story. I was the only one who laughed, further proving my geekdom to the world.

I feel rather sorry for myself today, and I don't know why. Luckily, I have ordered Saiyuki Reload voume 7 and it is currently winging its way toward me. *waits anxiously*
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There is a very determined toad outside the garage. He has been furiously attempting to sneak his way inside for the last several nights. We've had to shoo him out repeatedly, and he still keeps trying. When we get him out and shut the garage door, sometimes he flings himself against the door in the mistake belief that he can use his body as a battering ram. It's incredibly cute. I have no idea what he might be looking for out there. We put a little dish of water out in case he was thirsty, but he doesn't seem very interested in it. It's quite warm out, and the outside lights are pretty bright, so I don't think he's attracted to the warmth and brightness in the garage. I can only conclude that he is attempting to invade the home and overthrow us, thereby seizing it for himself. And to think, he looks so harmless.

Here's a rather fuzzy picture of the villain )

The funny colored bits on the ground is the water we poured out for him. You can see that he is shunning it as being clearly inferior quality.
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I have a huge laundry list of things I could/should be accomplishing today. It includes, but is not limited to: homework, writing, housecleaning, shopping, running errands for my mother, and visiting with a friend. So how am I spending my day?

Playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

...Curse you for your awesomeness, Phoenix Wright, and curse you [ profile] campfuckudie for being crack dealers.

Oh God, this game is even better than you all told me. I'm never going to get anything done ever again.
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Snagged from [ profile] trensaddiction, because my results were just too good not to share.

In 2007, cicer resolves to...
Give up reading.
Put fifty fairy tales a month into my savings account.
Take evening classes in yaoi.
Go writing three times a week.
Lose ten good omens by March.
Spend less time on mpreg.

Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

BWAH. Most of these are so not going to happen. I'd give up breathing before I gave up reading, and I have two mpreg fics in the works, so that's really not going to work out. But I'd definitely take those classes and do the writing three times a week. That may just work!

ETA: Oh, I like this Twelve Days meme, too )
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Well, there goes an hour of my life I'm never getting back.

Anyone who can help me solve #10 will get my firstborn child.
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...I just spent forty five minutes trying to fix a couple keys that has popped off my laptop's keyboard before giving up and supergluing them back on.

Clearly, I am not the sort of person that should be trusted with tech-support activites.

Also, I need a stiff drink. This was practically brain surgery. *expires*
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Am rather bored and feeling the desire to ramble while lacking in subjects to ramble about. Give me a topic (or three) you'd like me to chatter about! It can be anything, fannish or otherwise. Absolutely anything. Let me spam you!

...Yes, yes, I'll go work on my writing now. *shuffles off sulkily*
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HELP. Have dreadful case of hiccups. Usual cures not working. Problem is so bad, have lost use of pronouns. Also, sort of in pain. Ow. Send help and your best hiccup-banishing ideas, I beg of you! I'll try anything at this point.

Well. Almost.

ETA: ...Hiccups stopped! Suddenly and mysteriously when I finally gave up on trying to cure them. Sheesh. Oh well. Feel free to share your favorite cures anyway! :D
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Thanks to [ profile] katmaxwell, I have now been exposed to the glory (?!) that is Sex Pistols.

.....*DIES* Oh my god, this is the most cracktastically awesome thing ever. XD
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[ profile] hydr0phobia declares that it is, apparently, Mpreg Day. I don’t think a day is enough time to appreciate the wonderful crack involved in knocking up fictional male characters, so. By the power vested in me, by me, I declare from now until next Tuesday MPREG WEEK.

As we did with International Saiyuki Week, let’s celebrate. MPREG! Read it, write it, rec it, talk about it, and so forth. Spread the word! Pimp this out and let everyone share in the magical, special joy that is mpreg.

Come on, these things have to start somewhere, right? :D



Mar. 2nd, 2006 04:30 pm
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In the last twenty four hours, I've seen a glorious picture of youkai!Hakkai, gotten two new chapters at [ profile] radiofreebanri, and had vol. 3 of Reload manga and vol. 2 and 3 of Reload anime arrive in the mail. Some days, it's good to be a fan. Expect squeeing/gasping about vol.3 of the manga and link-pimping of youkai!Hakkai shortly.

Also, stolen from pretty much everyone on my flist: Name a character or pairing! Watch me ramble on about it! And ramble I will. Expect essays, seriously. I am wordy today.
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So, apps for [ profile] campfuckudie open on the 26th. Counselor apps!


Really, now. Didn't I just go through this a couple weeks ago, reminding myself that I really don't have time for this kind of thing? *bites lip* Still don't, exactly, but who really needs to sleep, anyway? And the whole eating and showering things can probably go too! *dies*

But if I did app, HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING, who would you all like to see? I'm not sure there's anyone I really want to play/would feel confident playing. Mmggh....must think about this.

Also, holy shit, Homura is hot. Why haven't I see the Saiyuki anime yet? This is clearly unacceptable.

ETA:...Y HALO THAR IRC. You're going to suck up a big part of my life now, aren't you? *dies*
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So. CFUD is open for apps.


OH GOD SOMEONE TALK ME OUT OF THIS QUICK! *hides under the bed until the urge to apply passes*
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Seriously, I no longer have any control over what springs from my brain to the keyboard. Be very afraid. Unbeta'd crackfic, ahoy!

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Some Like It Shot part 5 )
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[ profile] emungere wrote more ranma!Saiyuki! Eee! Go, read! Now! ♥


The next part of Some Like It Shot is in the works, and may be posted as soon as tomorrow, depending on how difficult Sanzo wants to be about wearing a dress.

...sooo, since we're on the topic of crackfic....(I am the master of subtle segues, am I not?)

Mpreg poll. Oh, come on. You all knew this was going to happen. How can you expect to wave evidence of canon mpreg in my face and expect me not to get tempted to write fic? I mean, really. I totally disclaim all responsibility for this. The internet ate my brain, but it's not my fault. *cries*

Ahem. Yes, poll. So, you know, if I was going to write one-of-the-ikkou-drink-from-the-magical-pregnancy-stream or some such fic, who would you like it to be? This may or may not have any effect on who I decide to knock up, though. *coughs*

[Poll #626313]
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