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About two years ago, I got a Dell Inspiron laptop. It's great, and has worked perfectly ever since. Thing is, the warranty is almost up. I recently received an offer from Dell to renew the warranty for $300. This would cover things for three more years, although (of course) there's about a hundred little footnotes concering what would and would not be covered by the warranty. I am on the fence about whether renewing the warranty is a good idea, or if it would just be a waste of money. Any thoughts? Anybody out there who has dealt with Dell for warranty/repair stuff who would like to weigh in? People who are a bit more savvy about these things than I am? Anyone?
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Yeah, all right, this is pretty shiny. :)

Now I just need to figure out how to secure my wireless network, and I will have finished all computer maintainance for some time (I'll spent the last few weeks running various scans and cleaning programs, clearing out old files, and backing things up). Unfortunately, in the midst of all this reconfiguring and examining, I checked out my parent's computer and discovered it has a virus, so I need to figure out how to repair that. Gak. Also, I realized that I have somehow neglected to secure my wireless network in the...what, two years since I got high-speed internet? I fail. So I'll need to work out exactly how to do that. Anyone have any simple instructions or tips? The only intructions I found were kind of confusing. Also, I would have to make sure the desktop computer is properly secured, and I don't think it has a wireless card. So...I'm not really sure how to do that. Any advice?

Guys, I swear I'm not as much of a computer-bonehead as I seem! XD


Oct. 26th, 2007 02:00 pm
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All right, I'm just about ready to cave. I know, I know, everybody who's anybody uses FireFox already, but I have held out because I like my comfort zone and am afraid of having figure out how to work a new browser. But I'm almost ready to think about switching (mostly because the new version of IE is heinously ugly and I refuse to update, which kind of leaves me out in the cold). So tell me, is FireFox really all that and a bag of chips? Is it hard to use? Should I just suck it up and make the switch? Tell me what to dooo.


Oct. 20th, 2007 05:16 pm
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Is anyone else experiencing weirdness with LJ? My friendspage keeps freezing up today, and it did it yesterday too. No other pages, no other websites, just the friendspage. There aren't any weird images or media that IE would have trouble loading. At least, I don't think so. *blinks* I hope it's not my computer or browser. Seems weird that it would just be the one page, though...
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So, for the last month or so I've been keeping four journals active: my LJ, a GreatestJournal, a JournalFen journal, and an InsaneJournal. I made several different accounts because it seemed prudent at the time, given the state of uncertainty on LJ, but things have settled down for now, and it looks like most people are planning to remain on LJ for the time being. And given that keeping all those journals up is kind of a hassle, I've decided to just pick one journal site to use as a backup and remove everything from the others. I think I'll still keep the accounts, in case I want them later, but I'll take down all the entries, icons, etc and probably won't actually be using the accounts at all. Keeping four journals synched is just too much. I want to pick the journaling site that will be most convenient for others though, since it really doesn't matter to me which one serves as a backup. So I ask you, the good people of LJ!

[Poll #1049291]

Am personally leaning toward the GJ, since it has most of the features I like best, like tags and the ability to not get confused when I try to date posts out of order. The servers are not very robust, though. Hm.
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Has anyone out there ever been to a casino? I'm currently trying to write something involving someone who is a dealer at a casino, and I'm greatly hampered by the fact that I've never been to one myself. I have a bunch of questions, and I'm wondering if any of you could answer them for me. Anyone? Anyone?


Jun. 5th, 2007 11:19 pm
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Anyone know any good Chinese first names? I've trying to name a few characters for a couple different Saiyuki fic, and I can't think of any. Anyone have any thoughts, or know of a good naming site for Chinese names?
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So I just got a tax-refund check. Unexpected money, yay! Of course, it could go into savings, but what I really want to do is buy shiny tech goodies.

So! A question to those of you in possesion of external harddrives! I am thinking of getting one. Do you have any recommendations of particular products I should look at? Any you've used and really liked? Any I should definitely stay away from? I don't need a huge amount of space. I see there are some out there with, like, 300 GB, and I would never ever fill that much up. But I would like to be able to clear some of the junk off my PC and back up my files. Thoughts?

Also, I think I might be ready to cave and buy and Ipod. No, I've never had one. Yes, I am more behind-the-times than your grandmother. You don't want to know how long it took me to move from VHS to DVD. I am currently eyeing this one. It's awfully pretty.

In further Me vs. Technology news, my laptop has decided it won't create zipped files anymore. I don't know why. I installed WinRar a while back, and haven't tried to zip anything since, but apparantly the computer will no longer zip stuff now. I tried uninstalling WinRar, reinstalling it, and using other downloadable stuff, but nothing works. I think the compact.exe thingy is broken. Sigh. I have no idea how to fix this, so all my file-zipping may have to be done from my desktop from now on, unless someone out there has a brilliant idea.
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Because I just read a fic that made me sob, I've got to know. So tell me, which fics have made you cry? Not just the ones that you thought were sad, but the ones that literally brought tears to your eyes. I'm sure I can't be the only one who had burst into tears over a particularly sad fic, so tell me. I want to knoooow. Share the link too, if you have it, so we can all go read it sniffle into our hankies.

The list of fics I can actually remember crying over (though I'm sure there are a few more I'm forgetting) is thus:

Stages of Love (Murderers in a Minor Key Remix) by [ profile] jammasterjayne. I can't...even describe this one. It's so hard to portray Schwarz as sympathetic, even tragic, characters and do it realisticly, but oh man, did this fic pull it off. Cried like a baby, yep. I can't wait to see who wrote this one.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by [ profile] devikun. Oh geez, I cried so hard over this one, I can't even tell you. It hit all my emo buttons, and was so pretty and beautifully written. *sniffs*

When You Go There by [ profile] emungere. The layers in this story are just breathtaking. And the family traumas at play are just painful and indescribably touching.

Such Great Heights part one and two by [ profile] eris_frost. Exquisitely written. It's pretty much told from Goku's point of view, but it was Sanzo who broke my heart in this. Because really, what would he do without his monkey? I weep at the ending to this. So sad.

On a Deaf Ear by [ profile] trensaddiction. The relationship between Sanzo and Goku just makes this sadder. Goku is so devoted and Sanzo is so afraid of depending on anyone and letting them see him vulnerable. Soooob.

So yeah. It's funny, looking over this list I can clearly see some repeating themes here. People getting old and sick and dying is obviously my emo button. I think I just find something monstrously unfair in the fact that people get to live a long, happy life and find someone they love, and then they have to leave that person. That just doesn't seem right. Also, stories about people taking care of their loved ones when they're old and sick = soppy, teary [ profile] cicer. That kind of profound love and devotion hits me right in the heart. Oof.

So! If I haven't totally depressed you by now, share your list of Fics That Made You Cry Like A Little Girl. :D
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I am having a brainfreeze while trying to write a fic. Can someone tell me if it's ever explicitly stated in canon what brand of cigarettes Sanzo and Gojyo smoke?

ETA: ...Holy cow, you people are fast. XD Thank you! Also, can anyone tell me what the differences between the two brands might be? In taste, structure of the cigarette, whatever.
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I always forget how much I adore my favorite books and series until I go back and reread them. As soon as I do I immediately fall in love all over again and am overcome by just how much I adore certain parts.

On that note, I've recently been rereading Saiyuki and I cannot help but squee over certain bits of it. I'm curious, and in the mood for a little meta, so tell me: what are your favorite parts of Saiyuki? It can be anything from a single phrase to a whole arc or volume. Just tell me which bits you love the best and why.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I love how the mood icon for 'curious' has the little fox lying prostrate on his back staring up. This is exactly how I look when I'm pondering Important Things. Like the fact that Minekura loves her some gay subtext. Mmm, buttsex subtext.
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I'm officially on spring break, and thank goodness for that. I was getting pretty burned out there. Of course, I have heaps of work to do over the break, but at least I can sleep in. And I'm still really enjoying all of my courses, (more than halfway through the semester, which is a miracle itself) so it's not too much of a burden. I plan on spending the next week sleeping, sleeping more, playing computer games, writing, editing, and working on all the little things that need to be worked on. And did I mention sleeping?

Crossing my fingers in hope that I'll be able to get some new fic up within a few days, too. It's been an absolutely ridiculous amount of time since I last posted fic. I think it's been about two and a half months now. Sheesh. Well, I've got a couple of things that are almost done and in the final polishing stage, so if I'm lucky I might finish, within the next four weeks, knowing myself. Hopefully sooner! Also, rec posts. I have about five of them half compiled, but I'll be trying to wrap them up and post them this week.

And now I babble about my creative writing class )

Anyway. This journal has been kind of boring lately, and more about my own stress and real life stuff than anything fannish. I'm going to try and turn that around. Help me out by talking to me about what you're reading/watching/listening to/whatever! I want to know what's making you squee at the moment.
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[ profile] slashfairy is looking for someone to scanlate a piece of manga for a friend's birthday and is looking for someone with the ability to translate from kanji. Do any of you know of a person or service who might be able to do this for her? She is willing to pay for it if necessary, so if you know of a professional, that might work too. Anyone have any recommendations?
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Who knows where I can find episodes 66 and up for Kyou Kara Maoh? I'm absolutely devouring this series, but I'm not sure where to find the final episodes. Anyone out there who can help?

Book dump

Jan. 17th, 2007 03:53 pm
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I'm clearing out a bunch of my old books and DVDs. Some have been sold and some are getting donated to the library, but I have some leftover manga and I haven't been able to find anyone who wants it. So! If you see anything on the list below that you want, gimme your address and I'll send it to you! No recompense needed, really, I've been trying to get rid of this stuff for the past month. All if in good condition, as I handle my stuff very gently. So step up and snag anything you might want! First come, first served!

Sold out now. Thank you for your business!

-Revolutionary Girl Utena volume three
-Naruto volume four
-Confidential Confessions volume one
-Gundam Wing: Ground Zero
-Trigun: Maximum volume two
-Love Hina volume two
-Hana-Kimi volume one
-Trigun volume one

-Dragonball Z: Vegeta Saga I (the first three episodes of the series; this one is actually still in the shrink-wrap)
-Cowboy Bebop 1 (episodes 1-5)
-Dragonball Z: Frieza- Death of a Prince

Anybody want something?

A query

Dec. 13th, 2006 09:17 pm
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This is a long shot, but I don't suppose anyone has a copy of Oasis Project chapter one part b that they could send me? The folder has mysteriously vanished from my harddrive, and the link to that chapter at the Hochuuami site is broken. Anyone?
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Yesterday, I did the stupid thing where you open a cupboard over your head, bend down, and then forget that the door of the cupboard is open and smack right into it. Ow. I now have a nice goose egg on the top of my head.

I'm almost finished with the holiday cards and will be sending them out shortly. If you want one, this is your last chance! Check out this entry to give me your address (comments are screened). No reciprocation is necessary, so don't be shy about asking for one!

Fannish content is soon to return to this journal! In another week I'll be finished with my classes and will have plenty of time to finish the stack of fics that are looming over me and address the pile of recs and meta-ponderings that have piled up over the last month or soon. Many thanks to all of you who have been so patient with me as I've been completely braindead during November. Thanks also for all the kind and encouraging comments as I tackled NaNoWriMo. It really helped a lot.

As you may or may not have heard, Iris Print is creating an anthology of slash stories involving fairy tales or myths. I think I'm going to try and make a submission, but I haven't decided what sort of story I'd like to write. Since the greatest thing about LJ is that you can force other people to make your decisions for you, polls!

No tickyboxes, sorry! )
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Am rather bored and feeling the desire to ramble while lacking in subjects to ramble about. Give me a topic (or three) you'd like me to chatter about! It can be anything, fannish or otherwise. Absolutely anything. Let me spam you!

...Yes, yes, I'll go work on my writing now. *shuffles off sulkily*
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...Okay. So my Windows Media Player files seem to have gotten all screwed up somehow, so I decided to uninstall and then reinstall the whole things. So I did that through the Add/Delete Progams thing, reboot the computer, and whole D: Drive is gone. Like, my computer doesn't think it's there anymore. It doesn't appear in My Computer, and when I put in a CD or DVD...nothing. I'm kinda freaked, and frantically searching for help online, so would anyone have any idea how to go about fixing this? At all?

ETA: ...I just shut my computer off completely and then turned it back on, and lo, the drive is magically returned. ...Okay! Dear computer: You are very strange. I admire your mad self-fixing skillz, but please don't scare me like that again. Love, your human
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