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The revenge of the mpreg! You have no chance to survive, make your time.

Sequel to Embarazado. I've been fighting with this damn thing for months. I must've rewritten this three times, and I still couldn't quite get it to do what I wanted it to do. Also, this is unbeta'd, so forgive any typos!

'What?' Gojyo gawked at his brother across the scratched bar counter. )
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For that conversation meme that I did...three weeks ago? Uh. Better late than never? *cringes* [ profile] stalkerbunny asked for a conversation between Goku and Dream of the Endless.

The first time Goku dreamed, he was extremely confused. )
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Well, I was determined to get some fic finished by the end of the weekend and I made my deadline with an hour and half to spare! Yay! This isn't the porn fic, sadly, though I hope to have that wrapped up in a couple more days. This one is just a product of my affection for Jien and my recent desire to write baby!Gojyo. Also, I'm terribly fond of stories about the Ikkou's childhood and there just doesn't seem to be enough of that! So there we are.

Jien nudged the front door shut behind him and hefted Gojyo on his hip )
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Hey, that WIP meme really does work at providing inspiration! In my case, it's less inspiration to write than inspiration to get off my duff and finish editing, but hey. Whatever works. At any rate, here's the full Antique Bakery fic that I posted a snippet of.

“You’re more trouble than you’re worth.”  )
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Nicked from [ profile] daegaer and [ profile] trensaddiction: When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

The one with Tachibana and Ono )

The one with Sanzo and Gojyo )

The one with baby!Gojyo )

The one with amnesiac!youkai!Hakkai )

The one where Sanzo remembers his childhood )

The one where Hakkai is jealous )

The really long casino AU )

The genderfuck mpreg which will never ever be finished )

Guess who really need to get off her lazy butt and finish some of these? Yeah, that would be me. Eep. *shuffles off to open MS Word*
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The first of the mpreg fics! Expect two more in the next couple of days. [ profile] maycat55555 wanted pregnant Kougaiji, so I delivered (pun not intended). This was written in a bit of a haste over the past twenty-four hours and given only a cursory edit, so please forgive any errors or just plain lousy writing. Beware of cheesiness. Sigh. I have a more difficult time writing Kougaiji and company than I do writing the Ikkou!

It was late. )
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Recently, [ profile] emungere has written some lovely Saiyuki fics examining what might have happened if things had gone a little differently for our favorite Ikkou when they were small. It got me to thinking about a particular incident, and this is what tumbled out.

Sheng hurried after Master Koumyou’s retreating back, trying not to snag his robes on the bramble. )
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Ooo boy. I've been fussing around with this fic for almost four months now. It's still not quite what I'd like it to be, but I thought it better to just get it up and call it finished. Please excuse the roughness.

I’ve always been interested in what happened in the period between the time Gojyo picked Hakkai up off the road and the time Sanzo turned up. This fic started as a result of me thinking about various things that might have occurred during that month.

I worry that the ending is a little unclear. Please let me know if I ought to rewrite it.

Gojyo crept into the dark bedroom, a tangle of blankets draped over his arm. )
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Summary: When Goku wants to know the facts of life, who's more suited to educate him that Gojyo? Well, probably a lot of people. Unfortunately, Gojyo's the only one around.

Hints of 58 and 39. This could probably use a little more polish, and possible a beta, but my writing has been giving me fits lately and I’ve been constantly rewriting and scraping stuff. So I’m pretty much just sick of looking at this as desperate to get something off the to-do pile. I apologize for any roughness or misspellings. Bear with me as I try to get back into the writing groove!

Deep in his third beer, Gojyo didn’t notice when Goku slunk into the seat across from him. )
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Someone gave me a prompt for youkai!Hakkai/Gojyo sex...a few months ago. In the hubbub of NaNoWriMo and the holidays, I quite forgot about it and only now remembered to finish it up. Embarrassingly, I don't even remember who it was, but. Well. Your fic's done, whoever-you-are!

Stretching his legs out in front of him, Gojyo sat on the front porch and watched, transfixed. )
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It's the day after Christmas, so what do we need? Morbid and depressing Weiss Kreuz fic, clearly! The title is Latin for 'from what comes after'.

Crawford steps out of the way at the spray of blood )
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I wrote about half of this months ago and then, as I often do with my half-finished ficlets, forgot all about it. I rescued it from the depths of my harddrive a couple weeks ago and finished it. I don't even remember where the idea for this came from. I guess I've just always been fascinated by the unusual 'meet cute' Hakkai and Gojyo had and wondered what it would have been like if it had gone another way.

Five Ways Hakkai and Gojyo Never Met )
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Recently, in exasperation over my apparent inability to write anything less than a couple thousand words, I tried to force myself to write something drabble-sized. This 400-word ficlet was about as short as I could get. Sigh.

I always loved the subtext involved in Gojyo cutting his hair after Hakkai 'died', particuarly since it's a custom in many countries to cut one's hair when a loved one dies. Also, it used to be very common, especially in eastern countries, for a wife to cut her hair and bury it with her husband when he died. That was mostly what inspired this.

After Sanzo finished delivering the new of Cho Gonou’s death, he left. )
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A few days ago, [ profile] devikun wasn't feeling well and to cheer her up I offered to write manporn for her. Unfortunately, I'm dreadful at getting things done in a timely manner, so she's probably (hopefully!) feeling better by now, but there's porn anyway! Sorry this took so long, [ profile] devikun! Hope you like it!

The prompt was Hakkai/Gojyo, 'unexpected touch', and smut.

It wasn’t a bed that was meant for two people. )

(fic) Thaw

Oct. 17th, 2006 07:51 pm
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Some months ago, I was assaulted by a plotbunny insisting I write something involving Sanzo unwillingly overhearing Gojyo and Hakkai have sex. I resisted for a while, but eventually this tumbled out. It promptly got shoved into a corner of my harddrive, and was only recently rediscovered and given a quick spit-and-polish edit. I think I was inspired to write about cold weather during the summer, but fortunately now it's much nicer outside, so I don't have to resort to that anymore. *laughs*

As is frequently the case with my writing, this was intended to be shorter, funnier, and less sappy than it actually turned out. Ack.

It was cold. )
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A short bit of fic inspired by some tasty pineapple. The Ikkou eat dinner at a restaurant. Gojyo and Hakkai are in love, Goku is growing up, and Sanzo longs for the good old days.

The waitress placed the fruit on the table and Goku’s eyes grew so wide it looked like they were about to fall out of his head. )
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Yes, I'm still working on these. I'm just terribly slow and distracted by real life. Sorry! [ profile] emungere requested Hakkai/Gojyo vine porn. Look, it's actual porn this time! Yay!

Gojyo stepped out of the shower onto the cold tile and shuddered )
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[ profile] tad_coast requested Nii/Kougaiji with Kou in a bunny outfit. This was supposed to be funny. And then it just really wasn't.

Still no porn, either. I suck at this.

Maa, maa. Let’s see. What about this one? Do you like it? )
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