May. 3rd, 2011

cicer: (Oops)
Bleehhh. It's allergy season, so I'm going through my yearly round of "I can't breathe and consequently I can't sleep, and the lack of sleep/breathing is making me really depressed and anxious". At least I've figured out that this is a yearly thing my body does, which means that this too shall pass, and one day I shall be able to breathe through my nose and sleep though the night without the aid of multiple pharmaceuticals.

Speaking of multiple pharmaceuticals...I asked my mom to pick my up some Sudafed at the drug store the other day: specifically, the good kind of Sudafed, the kind you have to show an ID to buy because so many people around here apparently enjoy a little meth-producing as a side career. She came back from the pharmacy clutching a bulging bag full of my Sudafed and Midol, along with her (multiple, heavy-duty) migraine medications.

"I think they think I'm some kind of drug lord!" she whispered to me anxiously, as she passed me my share of the loot. She's probably not altogether wrong. Our family get SO MANY prescriptions, it's kind of embarrassing. They actually know us by name and sight at the pharmacy, and this is not a small little neighborhood drugstore. It's one of a big, impersonal chain. Still, I can go into the pharmacy, and any one of the five or so pharmacists on duty will be like, "LOL YOU AGAIN. Here, let me get your stuff for you!" Awkward.

...I don't remember where I was going with this little anecdote, probably because I'm super drugged up. Um.

Wait, no, I remember! I was going to say that, given my current zombie-like state, I've been slow responding to comments and emails and whatnot. I've been particularly slow in finishing up my [ profile] help_japan fics, and I'm super sorry about that. Jeez. Please forgive me, [ profile] wk_recomend and [ profile] mainekosama! I promise I haven't forgotten about you! I'm workin' on it, I swear!

...I think there was something else I was meaning to mention here, but I've forgotten it. lol allergy meds. I think I better do what they say and avoid operating heavy machinery for a while...

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