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Finally finished the some of the haikus from the previous post. God. I'm so sorry that took me so long; the first week of classes and wicked-bad PMS slammed me, meaning that when I wasn't in class, I was effectively commatose. Orz. But I'm better now!

Anyway, I've been saving up a bunch of fantastic links over the past couple months, and now they're clogging up my bookmarks. So I'm linking them here, to keep them all neat and safe, and hopefully induce other people to go read them! Because they are all good. Yes.

Gingerbread Castle by [ profile] new_kate. ...♥ I love this fic so much.

Salty Dog by [ profile] louiselux. Saiyuki pirate AU! Mysterious pirate captain Hakkai! Gojyo lashed to the mizzen! ...I don't want to tell you how often I reread this story, I really don't

Stray Dog by [ profile] louiselux. God help me, I just love Banri, selfish, manipulative bastard that he is! *squeaks* I want a prequel to this story so desperately.

Swamp by [ profile] new_kate. Delightfully creepy and seductive.

Want by [ profile] emungere. *keyboard mash* Youkai!Hakkai, my one true weakness! Nngh.

The Honeymoon by Hth. I think I read this story a long, long time ago, and then forgot it. Then I rediscovered it, and it was like finding a fantastic story all over again. I know everyone's read this one already, but god, it's so good.

Gojyo inna dress by [ profile] cmda_alexanda. *cannot comment on this art because I am dead from hot. sorry*

The Wheel by [ profile] new_kate. 'Nother oldie-but-goodie that I recently rediscovered! Whee!

Wake Up by [ profile] viridian5. How did I never read this story before?! Augh! It's so wonderful and perfect, and yet I never saw it till [ profile] baka_gaijin rec'd it a couple weeks ago. *flails* If you have somehow also missed this story, go read it now. It's like the ultimate Ikkou-reincarnation fic! *flails more*

The Maten Sutra translation. Somebody linked this to me a long, long time ago, and I've sadly forgotten who. I'm savin' this link for posterity, because it's so darn cool. Yay, meta!
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Er. Does anyone know where the last two weeks went? I looked away for one minute and suddenly it's October 16th. Can someone explain to me how that happened?

This is, of course, a roundabout way of saying 'I'm not dead!'. Just being eaten alive by school. Wah. I've spent the last couple weeks buried in pre-midterm work. Also, I got sick, got better, and now I think I might be getting sick again. Ahaha, real life. Please to stop beating me up.

On a cheerier note, though, Halloween is coming up! I have Big Plans for the night, which involve taking small children trick-or-treating and possibly going to the festival the local businesses sponsor every year. Yay! Free candy and dressing up in strange outfits! I still haven't picked out a costume, though. I'll probably end up doing something lame and uncreative like a witch or a pirate, unless any of you have any better ideas.

Also, it's that time of year again. Yes, it's once again time to gird our loins for the caffeine- and panic-fueled writing extravaganza that takes place every November. I am speaking, of course, of NaNoWriMo. If you haven't already signed up, dooo it. You know you want to. I volunteer to be your personal support person. Anybody who needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to whine to about their novel, come to me. We can whimper at each other and compare our pathetic word counts. It will be fabulous.


And now, some links to interesting and amusing stuff I've come across in the past couple weeks.

Check out these downloads and descriptions of free security programs and computer decluttering software from MSN Tech and PC World. I ran a bunch of these programs, and now my system is running considerably faster. Cool.

The Musical Listening Test, in which they play two tunes and you have to figure out whether they are the same or different. Supposedly this allows you to get a good idea of how tone-sensitive you are. There are two parts to the test. I got about 20/30 correct on both, confirming my suspicions that I am somewhat tone-deaf. The test is surprisingly difficult, but very interesting.

From Slate V: Sex Ed 2.0, a video article about talking to your kids about sex in today's sexualized culture. Extremely funny, mostly because of the clips of old 60s and 70s era sex ex videos interspersed throughout it. Also contains a clip of the Groovy New Feelings PSA from Planned Parenthood of Canada. I lol'd.

Found via [ profile] daegaer: The Gangrenous Gunslinger, Regency Rocket Scientist, and This is Gonna Get Yeasty. Hysterically funny reviews of bad romance novels. [ profile] annajaneclare reads them so we don't have to!

Found via [ profile] telophase: Sinning in the Library. Amusing and true tales of a librarian behaving badly.


And now I must go do homework. Again. Sob sob. Send help.
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Now, I'm absolutely certain that all of you (at least all of you who would be interested) have seen [ profile] toxictattoo's Weiss Kreuz kink fic meme and [ profile] vom_marlowe's Saiyuki fic kink meme, but I'm going to link them anyway for my own reference. Seriously, though, if you haven't looked at these recently, check them out! There's tons of awesome, smoldering-hot fic to be had. Plus, they're still going strong with new requests and fics, which is good for those of us that have been putting off making or answering a request! I am definitely going to try and do a couple ficlets for the meme, though, in order to repay everyone else for the hawt pr0n they have provided me with. So hie thee hence and start checking out the smut! It's gooood.


Aug. 19th, 2007 04:36 pm
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I've really been slacking off on leaving feedback in the past couple of weeks. Many apologies to those of you who have recently posted stuff that I've neglected to comment on! I'll try to be better about that. In the meantime, recs!

Gingerbread Castle part three by [ profile] new_kate. I love the twists and turns this story is taking. The characterization of Hakkai is just breathtaking.

The Youth Today by [ profile] trensaddiction. Bwah! This is very amusing and quite evil. I do love manipulative!Mamoru.

Kenren/Gojyo ficlet by [ profile] louiselux. A very unsual pairing done incredibly well!

A couple prompt ficlets by [ profile] louiselux. Very nice. I love the Goku one in particular!

WK drabbles by [ profile] daegaer. Funny and heartbreaking in turns. The Mamoru/Nagi ones really tug at the heartstrings.

Without Words by [ profile] daegaer. I love [ profile] daegaer's Nagi and Mamoru so much. They're so flawed, but oddly sweet at the same time.

Simmer by [ profile] scribblemoose. Hakkai/Gojyo sexiness. Mmm.

Tenpou/Kenren ficlet by [ profile] louiselux. Naught and delicious. I do love Tenpou's mischeviousness.

A Friend to Evil by [ profile] daegaer. Ayachan really doesn't get enough attention in WK fic, but this fic more than makes up for it. Yow.

Unspoken by [ profile] ravengirl76. Sexy and intense Gojyo/Sanzo. I love the psychological undertones.

Gojyo/Hakkai ficlet by [ profile] louiselux. Delightfully perverse and ever-so-slightly unnerving.

A very pretty sketch of Konzen and Goku by [ profile] telophase. Goku is just adorable in this.

Untitled Saiyuki ficlet by [ profile] daegaer. An important lesson on what to do when confronted by zombies. XD
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Family by [ profile] threewalls. There's so little fic about the interaction between the Ikkou and Kougaiji's team, and this is a lovely little piece about Hakkai, Gojyo, Doku, and Yaone. Very sweet.

A Simple Plan by [ profile] lady_ganesh. Bwah! Schwarz is evil, but hilariously so.

Temple of Love by [ profile] louiselux. Unf. I bet everyone's already read this, but it's worth a re-read. Hot and smutty and delicious Hakkai/Gojyo sex.

[ profile] daegaer did a bunch of fics for [ profile] springkink, and compiled the list here. All are fantastic, of course

[ profile] ponderosa121 did a lovely picture of Draco Malfoy here, for those of you who are craving HP art after the newest book. She also did these two great Remus/Sirius pictures.

[ profile] new_kate has a fabulous new Saiyuki AU centering around Hakkai, Gojyo, and Kamisama. Gingerbread Castle part one and part two.

Warming by [ profile] lady_ganesh. A lovely little D.Gray-man ficlet for a sadly underappreciated pairing.

Memoriam by [ profile] thewriter0. A chilling little tale about how Hakkai might have acquired his limiters.

The Fatal Cravat by [ profile] emungere and [ profile] louiselux. This fic has it all: charm, intrigue, sweetness, and sex. Even cravats! It's just wonderful and you must read it, if you haven't already.

Formerly Known As part six by [ profile] vom_marlowe. More hooker!Aya, yay!

Home part six by [ profile] vom_marlowe. And more Aya/Yohji sexin', yay!

I admit it seems weird and a little lazy to rec other peoples' rec lists! But [ profile] wk_recomend has whipped up some excellent compilations of recent fics that must be checked out. So if you're looking for some nice long lists of new stuff to read, check out this post, this one, and this one.


Jul. 6th, 2007 07:15 pm
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There's been a bunch of great fic popping up lately, especially what with [ profile] springkink and all. Also, a few other people have made some great rec posts recently which I've linked below. Enjoy!

[ profile] wk_recomend has some great [ profile] springkink recs here. Ooo, lots of shiny recs.

[ profile] louiselux has a couple of recs here. Both are great.

Strange Land by [ profile] emungere. Eee, another Schuldig/Yohji! I do love that pairing.

Paying the Price by [ profile] ann89103. Lovely Kakashi/Iruka.

[ profile] baka_gaijin has some violated!Hakkai recs here. I do love me some violated!Hakkai.

Storm's Coming by [ profile] ponderosa121. I've been on a serious Jack/Barbossa kick lately, and Ponderosa has been my crack dealer!

Cowboy Bebop picture by [ profile] ponderosa121. Aw, it's so cute.

Jack and Barbossa picture by [ profile] ponderosa121. I love the colors and textures in this one.

Something Borrowed by [ profile] devikun. Nngh. Fabulously kinky and delicious.

Nagi/Mamoru stages of love drabbles by [ profile] daegaer. These are so sweet and emotional.

Mpreg Genderswitch Crackfic by [ profile] vom_marlowe. Eee, pregnant!girl!Yohji!

The Stables by [ profile] mistressrenet. Aasdkfasd. Naughty, naughty bondage and threesome action. Love it.

Schwarz!kinder drabbles by [ profile] daegaer. I am continually amazed by how simultaneously sweet and hilarious these drabbles are.

Pregnant!Mamoru drabble by [ profile] trensaddiction. Bwahah! Mpreg week lives on!

Kenren/Goujun drabbles by [ profile] devikun. An unusual pairing done so well.

[ profile] vom_marlowe has started a wonderful AU hooker!Aya fic that's really gritty and visceral and lovely. So far there are several parts, and I don't think I've rec'd any of them yet, so the links to the chapters are as folllows: chapter one part i, chapter one part ii, chapter two part i, chapter two part ii, chapter two part iii, chapter three, chapter four

[ profile] vom_marlowe also has another great in-progress Aya/Yohji fic, Home. There are five parts so far: one two three, four, five
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Some non-fannish, quasi-political links that some of you may find interesting. Feel free to skip if you aren't in a political mood!

Apropos of nothing, I've just realized that though I love this new icon it presents me with a problem, because everytime I use it I end up staring at it for about five minutes, my eyes glazing over, and completely losing my train of thought. Oh, Rabi and Kanda. Why you gotta be so pretty.

Some amusing and rather thought-provoking quotes about homosexuality found via [ profile] hungryworm. I think I got this as an e-mail forward once. I love it, though, and it always makes me smile.

The Irresponsible Woman by [ profile] naamah_darling. This is an incredibly article on not only the dangers of restricting acess to abortion, but how society's prejudices toward women complicate things and the damage that sexism does.

Joss Whedon has some fantastic commentary on a recent clip of an honor killing that's been uploaded to the internet. The whole thing is stomach-churningly awful, but I think the best thing that we can do is talk about these things and raise our voices in protest, and he does that very eloquently.

Also, [ profile] satora_chan pointed out this link about hate crime legislation, inspired by a particularly brutal assault. This is so awful that it defies words, but it should unquestionaly be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
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Too Much to Say by [ profile] jain. Aw. This fic is totally emotionally wrenching, but unutterably sweet. I'm such a sucker for a happy ending, especially with Hakkai and Gojyo, and this one provides.

The Boy by [ profile] kindkit. A lovely fic for the Mary Renault books. I don't know the books in question at all, but this is the sort of fic that can be enjoyed even without knowing the fandom.

Undercover Operations by [ profile] daegaer. Hee, more wacky antics with the Schwarz!kinder.

Glorious Campaign by [ profile] daegaer. More fabulous Schwarz!kinder!

What He Loved the Most by [ profile] cupnjava. Unf. Sexy Hakkai/Gojyo smut ficlet.

Saiyuki brothel crackfic by [ profile] new_kate. Eee, this is an awesome AU ficlet. I rather hope there might be more of it, it's fantastic.

Need by [ profile] rheasilvia. An oldie-but-goodie that somebody recently linked to. After having a reread, I couldn't help but urge others to do the same. Definitely worth enjoying again.

An utterly hilarious picture of a scene from Schwarz!kinder by [ profile] maycat55555. Bwahahaha! Oh, Crawford. XD

Storm by [ profile] emungere. Eee! It's a sequel to Weathered in participation of mpreg week! Yay!


May. 20th, 2007 09:47 pm
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Door Number Two by [ profile] emungere. More awesome Saiyuki AU, this time with tiny!Gojyo. So good. ♥

Burning by [ profile] louiselux. Lovely sexy Sanzo/Gojyo.

Gaiden shoesex by [ profile] baka_gaijin. Konzen and Tenpou's shoes make babies. Yes. There really isn't anything in the Saiyuki 'verse that hasn't appeared in a porn fic.

Orders by [ profile] louiselux. Tenpou/Kenren fic. Ooo, there's been so much lovely Gaiden fic lately! I hope this trend continues.

Carry On My Wayward Son by [ profile] nekomegami_chan. There is so little fic exploring Sanzo's relationship with Koumyou, and that't a shame because as this fic proves, there's so much there.

Over the Moon by [ profile] louiselux. Totally indescribable. Sweet, yet terrifyingly creepy, and wondefully subtle. *shudders*

The Presumption That Once Our Eyes Watered by [ profile] wedjateye. Intense, vivid Crawford/Schuldig. My favorite kind!

Twenty Things Pigsy Has Never Told Anyone by Nightfall. Eee! I love these. They're like mini-fics.

Requital by [ profile] wedjateye. Ken watching Aya and Yohji. Voyeurism, yay!

So Bright (The Timbuk 3 Remix) by [ profile] mistressrenet. Oh, this is such a wonderful remix of [ profile] daegaer's Five Things that Never Happened to Brad Crawford.

One Bird to Sing (the Origami remix) by [ profile] springgreen. Totoally tear-jerker, arg. I always get teary over Gaiden stuff. *sniffs*

Stages of Love (Murderers in a Minor Key Remix) by [ profile] daegaer. Nothing much to say about this one. It defies description. I sobbed.

Bendy Kitten and the Dragon by [ profile] daegaer. Ridiculously cute antics with Bendy Kitten and Jeep.

Stages of Love by [ profile] mistressrenet. How much do I love Renet's Mamoru/Nagi stuff? SO MUCH.

Albert/Abel/Radu fic by [ profile] hydr0phobia. ...Ahaha, this is so hot. New CFUD OT3, here I come! 8D


May. 20th, 2007 02:56 pm
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First off, more fic recs!

Here and Now part 33 by [ profile] emungere. I love young!Crawford so much.

The Sea by [ profile] louiselux. Lovely Tenpou/Kenren fic.

Alike In Ignorance by [ profile] emungere. Sandman fic! Eee, this series has so little fic written for it, and this is such a good one!

Under the Mud by [ profile] harukami. Lovely sweet Hana-Kimi fic.

Homecoming by [ profile] xero_sky. I loooove Xe's DBZ fic, and this is a sweet AU-ish piece.

Questing for Dragons. Exquisite and unique Gaiden fic focusing on the dragon clan. Wow.

Bless the Beasts and Children by [ profile] emungere. Utterly incredible semi-AU Saiyuki fic. Can't say anything else about this one, just go read it. It's amazing.

Ein' Feste Burg by [ profile] daegaer. Lovely creepy Mamoru/Nagi fic.

And now for something completely different. RANDOM/CRACK LINKS.

Facts about Alton Brown. A la the Chuck Norris list. I cracked up.

Allow by [ profile] svilleficrecs. Mac/Vista porn. Yes, the OS from the mac commercials. I don't know how this works so well, but oh man, it does. XD

Ohayocon Death Note Sketch. Light vs. L DANCE OFF.

A Fat Rant by [ profile] megerber. Rock on.

Naw-Roo-Toe. A cautionary tale about the perils of bad dubbing. Believe it.


May. 19th, 2007 07:38 pm
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Ad Astra Per Aspera part 2 by [ profile] vom_marlowe. Hooker!Aya, wooo!

Stripper!Gojyo AU part 2 by [ profile] louiselux. Stripper!Gojyo, wooo!

Wildlife by [ profile] rheasilvia. Awesome Supernatural/Saiyuki crossover.

Bending the Rules by [ profile] rheasilvia. Equally awesome Labyrinth/Saiyuki crossover.

Clamour by [ profile] wedjateye. Aya/Yohji sexin'.

Koumyou/Ukoku drabbles by [ profile] rhosyn_du. For [ profile] stagesoflove.

Blame the Moon by Vinsu. Wonderful Koumyou/Ukoku fic.

More Like Ourselves by [ profile] daegaer. Oooh, Nagi/Schuldig! I really like this pairing, particualrly how [ profile] daegaer writes it.

Monday Morning by [ profile] louiselux. A delicious Antique Bakery ficlet.

Sequel to One Summer by [ profile] louiselux. Eee, I love this 'verse.

Sharp as a Knife by [ profile] mistressrenet. Porny Schuldig/Omi fic, mmm.

Four, Three, Two, One by [ profile] mistr3ssquickly. Yummy WK fic. So. Much. Hot. *explodes*

Ranma!Saiyuki 10 by [ profile] emungere. Yes, we've all read this by now. Hush. Go read it again, it's awesome. ♥

No Hard Feelings by [ profile] wedjateye. Side B Ken/Aya fic. Not usually my pairing of choice, but it works here.

Love and Strife by [ profile] louiselux. Hakkai and Gojyo. Bondage and spanking. Need I say more.
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Who's trying to avoid studying for finals? Not me! (lies and deciet)

Let's pretend these links aren't, three months back? Oh, I've fallen so far behind. Um. Pretend I'm not lagging, okay?


Teenage Schwarz!kinder drabbles by [ profile] daegaer. I love Apple so damn much.

Baby Snakes AU drabble by [ profile] daegaer. Hilarious and cute.

Ownership by [ profile] harukami. Smokin' Axel/Roxas ficlet. Unf.

The Box by [ profile] scribblemoose. Hot, hot Hakkai/Gojyo sexin'. Nngh.

The Night Before part one and part two by [ profile] tad_coast. Terribly wrenching Gojyo-fic.

Confluence by [ profile] louiselux. The sequel to the infamous prison AU. Need I say more?

The Garden by [ profile] mistressrenet. Adorable and sweet Hakkai/Gojyo fic.

Saiyuki/batman AU ficlet by [ profile] louiselux. Eee, another snippet of Bat!fic!

How Goku Lost His Virginity by [ profile] wedjateye. Hee hee, so cute! I have a soft spot for Goku-growing-a-hormone fics.


[ profile] daegaer sends out a plea for things to cheer her up and the results are cheering indeed. Many amusing links, jokes, and drabbles.

Interesting Blog for Choice post about abortion. Very thought-provoking.

The Trial Of Han Solo, Law and Order style video. Han shot first, man. *snickers*
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Because I just read a fic that made me sob, I've got to know. So tell me, which fics have made you cry? Not just the ones that you thought were sad, but the ones that literally brought tears to your eyes. I'm sure I can't be the only one who had burst into tears over a particularly sad fic, so tell me. I want to knoooow. Share the link too, if you have it, so we can all go read it sniffle into our hankies.

The list of fics I can actually remember crying over (though I'm sure there are a few more I'm forgetting) is thus:

Stages of Love (Murderers in a Minor Key Remix) by [ profile] jammasterjayne. I can't...even describe this one. It's so hard to portray Schwarz as sympathetic, even tragic, characters and do it realisticly, but oh man, did this fic pull it off. Cried like a baby, yep. I can't wait to see who wrote this one.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by [ profile] devikun. Oh geez, I cried so hard over this one, I can't even tell you. It hit all my emo buttons, and was so pretty and beautifully written. *sniffs*

When You Go There by [ profile] emungere. The layers in this story are just breathtaking. And the family traumas at play are just painful and indescribably touching.

Such Great Heights part one and two by [ profile] eris_frost. Exquisitely written. It's pretty much told from Goku's point of view, but it was Sanzo who broke my heart in this. Because really, what would he do without his monkey? I weep at the ending to this. So sad.

On a Deaf Ear by [ profile] trensaddiction. The relationship between Sanzo and Goku just makes this sadder. Goku is so devoted and Sanzo is so afraid of depending on anyone and letting them see him vulnerable. Soooob.

So yeah. It's funny, looking over this list I can clearly see some repeating themes here. People getting old and sick and dying is obviously my emo button. I think I just find something monstrously unfair in the fact that people get to live a long, happy life and find someone they love, and then they have to leave that person. That just doesn't seem right. Also, stories about people taking care of their loved ones when they're old and sick = soppy, teary [ profile] cicer. That kind of profound love and devotion hits me right in the heart. Oof.

So! If I haven't totally depressed you by now, share your list of Fics That Made You Cry Like A Little Girl. :D
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Ahaha. I'm really getting slammed by the demons of Real Life right now. This has been a rough week. It sounds like many of you out there have a had a hard time too recently. (Is Mercury in retrograde or something?) Hang in there, guys! We shall overcome!

In the meantime, CFUD recs.

More teeny Nanba innadress.

Benio wins at life once again.


Oscar and Kio break up.

Tomo tests rape whistles.

Kio is harrassed with zombies after being dumped.

Snow onna football field.

Peter Pan is cute. With awesome Dee/Ryo ackshun!

Valentine's Day flowers are distributed.

Crowley and Michael batturo, oh snap. With added D.Gray-man ackshun.

Allen genderswitches and so does Rabi.

Anonymous crush confessions.

I loev me some Rabi, especially with Kanda.


Feb. 28th, 2007 03:45 pm
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Some rather-old-but-nevertheless-excellent fic'n'art recs! Yay!

Endgame by [ profile] hydr0phobia. How much do I love the Endzone-verse? I mean, really. Why is it so awseome?!

Five Calculated Style Choices by [ profile] hydr0phobia. More awesome Eyeshield 21 fic.

Compound by [ profile] devikun. Ajsdfhasadf. *steams slightly* If you're looking for hot 58 smut...go here. Now.

Hot holiday Gojyo/Sanzo picture by [ profile] plnunn. Nngh.

Relative to Distance by [ profile] devikun. Oh-so-lovely Gojyo/Hakkai fic.

Weiss Kreuz drabbles by [ profile] daegaer. Bundles of drabbles, all excellent!

Solitary by [ profile] louiselux. I'm sure we've all read this by now, since it's just that good, but go have a reread! It's worth it!

Brave Disorder by [ profile] louiselux. Antique Bakery fic is so rare, this is an extra-special treat! I love Chikage in this. ♥

The Luck of the Game by [ profile] daegaer. [ profile] daegaer writes the best historical AUs ever, and this is no exception. Regency!Schwarz, whee!

The Hinge Upon Which Perfect Happiness Turns by [ profile] daegaer. Another historical AU, this time Mamoru/Nagi. So good.

Sailing to Hirugashima by [ profile] daegaer. More Mamoru/Nagi AU!
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