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50171 / 50000 words. 100% done!

Just squeaked over the 50k line, an hour and a half before the deadline. This is becoming a habit. I think last year I finished at about 10:30pm on November 30, too.

Anyway! It's over, it's done, and the novel gods have been appeased. For another year, anyway!
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40093 / 50000 words. 80% done!

40k barrier has been broken! Less than 10,000 words to go, and six more days. I'm beginning to sink into the end-of-NaNoWriMo rush where the words just pour out and I'm left slightly agog that I've managed to come so far. Three years of doing this, and it's still kind of a shock every time I actually hit 50k. I don't expect this year will be any different.

Good luck to all of you out there struggling with the madness of the final week on NaNo. Go, fight, win!

...Also, I just realized that today (really tomorrow, but techinically 'today' since its after midnight here) is my birthday. See, that's what the last week of NaNoWriMo does to you. Makes you forget your own birthday. Oops?
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The wordmeter isn't working for me, so we'll have to do this one without graphic support.


65% mark! Less than 17,500 words to go, and only 11 writing days left. Where did this month go? The good news is, it's all downhill from here. With any luck, I can hit 35,000 and once I get there, it's really as good as done. :) Good luck, fellow WriMos! And thanks for all your encouraging comments so far! I'm sorry, I know I've been terrible about responding to them. The novel, she calls to me!
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27225 / 50000 words. 54% done!

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Am back, and am girding my loins in preparation for diving back into schoolwork tomorrow. Orz. These three-day weekends just aren't long enough. I think I'd like a seven-day weekend. Maybe a ten-day weekend. That would be nice.

Also, ack! You have all been very chatty this weekend. If there's anything exciting I should see, please link me here, becaue I have no hope of slogging through the backlog on my flist.

Off to do today's installment of NaNoWriMo! Yesterday, something very exciting happened: my novel developed a plot! I'm not quite sure how it happened, but I am very pleased by this development. Hope everyone else who is doing NaNoWriMo is having a good time, too. We're almost half-way there, people!
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10031 / 50000 words. 20% done!

Lordy. Writing today's installment was like pulling teeth. I think I'm going to throw in some random action tomorrow to punch things up. I'm hitting a rather boring spot at the novel, but as soon as I churn out the next couple thousand words, things will get good again. Secrets will be revealed! A villain will appear! Somebody will kick the bucket! It will all be very exciting. Now if only I can get through the next bit...

Day 3

Nov. 4th, 2007 01:01 am
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6293 / 50000 words. 13% done!

I'm moving along steadily and am pretty well on track. Yay! However, real life stuff has begun to fall by the wayside. I didn't get anything else done today. Oh well. Them's the NaNoWriMo breaks. Hope everyone else out there in NaNo land is doing okay!
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,026 / 50,000

Look! My very first writing in weeks! Nothin' like the first day of NaNoWriMo to light a fire under a lazy writer's butt, that's what I always say. I hope the rest of the month is as profitable, for me and for everyone! Happy writing, all!
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NaNoWriMo '07 begins in less than three hours. I have done no planning whatsoever and am hilariously unprepared.

...Is it can be panic time now?
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Er. Does anyone know where the last two weeks went? I looked away for one minute and suddenly it's October 16th. Can someone explain to me how that happened?

This is, of course, a roundabout way of saying 'I'm not dead!'. Just being eaten alive by school. Wah. I've spent the last couple weeks buried in pre-midterm work. Also, I got sick, got better, and now I think I might be getting sick again. Ahaha, real life. Please to stop beating me up.

On a cheerier note, though, Halloween is coming up! I have Big Plans for the night, which involve taking small children trick-or-treating and possibly going to the festival the local businesses sponsor every year. Yay! Free candy and dressing up in strange outfits! I still haven't picked out a costume, though. I'll probably end up doing something lame and uncreative like a witch or a pirate, unless any of you have any better ideas.

Also, it's that time of year again. Yes, it's once again time to gird our loins for the caffeine- and panic-fueled writing extravaganza that takes place every November. I am speaking, of course, of NaNoWriMo. If you haven't already signed up, dooo it. You know you want to. I volunteer to be your personal support person. Anybody who needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to whine to about their novel, come to me. We can whimper at each other and compare our pathetic word counts. It will be fabulous.


And now, some links to interesting and amusing stuff I've come across in the past couple weeks.

Check out these downloads and descriptions of free security programs and computer decluttering software from MSN Tech and PC World. I ran a bunch of these programs, and now my system is running considerably faster. Cool.

The Musical Listening Test, in which they play two tunes and you have to figure out whether they are the same or different. Supposedly this allows you to get a good idea of how tone-sensitive you are. There are two parts to the test. I got about 20/30 correct on both, confirming my suspicions that I am somewhat tone-deaf. The test is surprisingly difficult, but very interesting.

From Slate V: Sex Ed 2.0, a video article about talking to your kids about sex in today's sexualized culture. Extremely funny, mostly because of the clips of old 60s and 70s era sex ex videos interspersed throughout it. Also contains a clip of the Groovy New Feelings PSA from Planned Parenthood of Canada. I lol'd.

Found via [ profile] daegaer: The Gangrenous Gunslinger, Regency Rocket Scientist, and This is Gonna Get Yeasty. Hysterically funny reviews of bad romance novels. [ profile] annajaneclare reads them so we don't have to!

Found via [ profile] telophase: Sinning in the Library. Amusing and true tales of a librarian behaving badly.


And now I must go do homework. Again. Sob sob. Send help.
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It occurs to me that some of you who are doing NaNoWriMo might not know about the report card. It's a totally awesome spreadsheet thingy that somebody made and I used last year. You just plug in the amount of words you've done so far, and it automatically calculates how many words you have left, what percentage of the novel you've finished, your rate of words-per-hour, and so forth. It's got pie charts and graphs and stuff too. It's pretty awesome. I heartily recommend it, especially if you find it's a pain in the neck to calculate how many words you have left to do, and all that stuff. As I do.
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Hey, it's November! And you know what that means! (People who aren't doing NaNoWriMo are already sick of hearing about it, right? I'm sorry, it's a sickness and we must share the pain.)

Last pimp! It's not too late to sign up if you haven't yet and you've been thinking about it! You know you want to! I'll be you're writing buddy if you're new and scared! You can whine to me, and I'll whine back! It'll be fun!

Also, if you want to be on my NaNoWriMo filter, which will house all of the this year's panicking and flailing, just drop a comment here. If you can see this post, you're already on!

Additionally, I must also warn you that I may disappear for the next few weeks, fandom-wise. I've still got a bunch of stuff I want to rec, a bunch of fics I need to finish and post, and a bunch of meta I want to warble about, but! The novel calls, and between that and real life stuff, I don't know how much spare time I'll have. I'll try to pop in every now and then and not do that thing where I posted almost nothing for a month again. As always, in the unlikely event you need me for anything, give me a prod!

In the meantime! Wish me luck, and go check out this post from last year for all your post-Halloween/Day of the Dead scary needs!
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NaNoWriMo sign-ups are open! Yes, I'm pimping this once more, but this is the last time, I promise. Seriously, though, no matter what kind of writer you are, go check it out. Even if you think That's impossible, I could NEVER write 50,000 words in a month, think about it. I thought the same thing last year, but I tried it anyway and I found I could actually do it! And it's so much fun. There's such a great sense of camaraderie with the other WriMos, and it really is a huge blast. I fully enable each and every one of you out there who are interested in NaNoWriMo to sign up for it and at least try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Even if you don't make it, you'll have gotten a toe in the water, and as the NaNoWriMo motto goes, There's always next year.

But, for those of you who are completely uninterested in NaNoWriMo and would very much like me to stop chattering about it, I'm dusting off last year's NaNoWriMo filter. Click 'Add me!' on the poll below if you want to be spammed by my whining and wordcounts next month. If you don't opt-in, you won't be bothered!

[Poll #835388]

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...I forgot how busy I get during the school year and how drained I tend to be. Urg. This may be apparent, due to the fact that I've been awfully scarce this month. But I'm still alive and I'm getting into the swing of things, more or less! I'm sorry I've neglected to comment on so many things. I know I've missed several people's fics, art, birthdays, etc, in addition to not posting any recs or fic of my own, at all. Ack.

But! I am plowing on with my writing, and still have a huge stock of fic that's either part of a WIP or awaiting editing. Like, 50k worth. And that's not counting the 25k original novel-in-progess. Ha. So, I'm working hard there. And I'm still totally planning to do NaNoWriMo again this year! Sign-ups start tomorrow, and you should all join in. It's totally cracktastic fun. The caffeine-highs, the tears, the frantic wordcounting, the exhaustion, the joy! It really can't be rivaled. Come sign up, you know you want tooooo.....

Anyway! I hope you're all well out there in LJ land, and hope I'll have a chance to break my radio silence relatively soon! And you can always come poke me in my recent posts if you want to talk to me/ask something/make sure I haven't died/whatever. :) Spam me, I like it!
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OMG SO TIRED. Long, ugly week. Blah. Need sleep.

Busy, busy, busy trying to wrap up the five thousand projects I have in the works in time for NaNoWriMo. Whichisin15daysohmygodIamgoingtodie. After this week I'll probably take a short break in oder to gather my strength for the coming month. I suspect I'll be spending a lot of time on the I Hate Myself And Want To Die board in November. Oh yes.


Via [ profile] andmydog: The Fantasy Novelist's Exam

[ profile] louiselux put up links to a bunch of absolutely adorable Saiyuki fanart. The Tenpou getting dragged along by Kenren cartoon killed me.

I recently rediscovered the excellent The Tragedye of Sanlet, Prince of Denmark by [ profile] andmydog. If you haven't read that, go read it now. If you have read it, go reread it now. Shakespeake parodies are teh funny.

[ profile] baka_gaijin wrote an awesome little Banri fic based on a plotbunny I had. I would so totally do a version of this if I had the time/inspiration. *sighs* Maybe sometime soon.

I did a few [ profile] muse_secrets a few days ago. They're here. Saiyuki, Harry Potter, and Escaflowne.

Have a mentioned lately that [ profile] daegaer's Schwarzkinder drabbles completely own my soul? Because they do. &hearts You need to go check out Birds and Bees and especially Klaatu Barada Nikto, which is based on a cracktastic Supreme Overlord dream [ profile] lisa_bee had. *declares eternal devotion to [ profile] daegaer*

I Never Meant to Fade Away by [ profile] hydr0phobia. Awesome, awesome Saiyuki 'what if?' fic. Wow.


Also, I've developed a little crush on Samurai Champloo recently. Anyone got any good Samurai Champloo recs they'd like to toss my way? Pur-lease?
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So. I did it. I signed up like the crazy, overly ambitious lunatic that I am. I figure this would be as good a time as any to set up a NaNo filter to prevent spamming those of you who really don't want to hear about this with angst and wordcounts. So here we go.

If you want to be on the filter, click below. If not, ignore this post. And I promise this'll be the last unsolicited post about NaNoWriMo you'll have to endure.

[Poll #583268]

Yay, NaNo! Oh man, November is gonna be totally crazy. *grins* So, how many of you are joining me in this craziness?
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