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So anyway. I was going to make a post about how I've started my spring semester, that I really like all my classes, and that I survived clothes shopping. I was even going to post some fannish stuff, for the first time in ages. However, all those plans just went out the window, because I just saw the new chapter of Saiyuki Reload over at [ profile] radiofreebanri and I have lost the ability to make a complete, coherent sentence.

In conclusion, OH MY GOD!!!

Someone please come talk with me about this, because I am flailing all over the place and need to analyze this EXCITING NEW TURN OF EVENTS. And also flail more. Yes.
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Because I just read a fic that made me sob, I've got to know. So tell me, which fics have made you cry? Not just the ones that you thought were sad, but the ones that literally brought tears to your eyes. I'm sure I can't be the only one who had burst into tears over a particularly sad fic, so tell me. I want to knoooow. Share the link too, if you have it, so we can all go read it sniffle into our hankies.

The list of fics I can actually remember crying over (though I'm sure there are a few more I'm forgetting) is thus:

Stages of Love (Murderers in a Minor Key Remix) by [ profile] jammasterjayne. I can't...even describe this one. It's so hard to portray Schwarz as sympathetic, even tragic, characters and do it realisticly, but oh man, did this fic pull it off. Cried like a baby, yep. I can't wait to see who wrote this one.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow by [ profile] devikun. Oh geez, I cried so hard over this one, I can't even tell you. It hit all my emo buttons, and was so pretty and beautifully written. *sniffs*

When You Go There by [ profile] emungere. The layers in this story are just breathtaking. And the family traumas at play are just painful and indescribably touching.

Such Great Heights part one and two by [ profile] eris_frost. Exquisitely written. It's pretty much told from Goku's point of view, but it was Sanzo who broke my heart in this. Because really, what would he do without his monkey? I weep at the ending to this. So sad.

On a Deaf Ear by [ profile] trensaddiction. The relationship between Sanzo and Goku just makes this sadder. Goku is so devoted and Sanzo is so afraid of depending on anyone and letting them see him vulnerable. Soooob.

So yeah. It's funny, looking over this list I can clearly see some repeating themes here. People getting old and sick and dying is obviously my emo button. I think I just find something monstrously unfair in the fact that people get to live a long, happy life and find someone they love, and then they have to leave that person. That just doesn't seem right. Also, stories about people taking care of their loved ones when they're old and sick = soppy, teary [ profile] cicer. That kind of profound love and devotion hits me right in the heart. Oof.

So! If I haven't totally depressed you by now, share your list of Fics That Made You Cry Like A Little Girl. :D
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I am having a brainfreeze while trying to write a fic. Can someone tell me if it's ever explicitly stated in canon what brand of cigarettes Sanzo and Gojyo smoke?

ETA: ...Holy cow, you people are fast. XD Thank you! Also, can anyone tell me what the differences between the two brands might be? In taste, structure of the cigarette, whatever.
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I always forget how much I adore my favorite books and series until I go back and reread them. As soon as I do I immediately fall in love all over again and am overcome by just how much I adore certain parts.

On that note, I've recently been rereading Saiyuki and I cannot help but squee over certain bits of it. I'm curious, and in the mood for a little meta, so tell me: what are your favorite parts of Saiyuki? It can be anything from a single phrase to a whole arc or volume. Just tell me which bits you love the best and why.

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I love how the mood icon for 'curious' has the little fox lying prostrate on his back staring up. This is exactly how I look when I'm pondering Important Things. Like the fact that Minekura loves her some gay subtext. Mmm, buttsex subtext.
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I am bored and failing at posting. Rec posts coming soon, I swear. Despite the fact that there haven't been any in like a month because Higher Education is eating me alive and chewing on my bones. Also, new fic is on the way, a lot of it. (I know, I've been saying that for over a month, but I. Uh. Mean it this time. *expires*)

In the meantime! Partially in relation to a long fic I'm working on, and partially because I'm just curious and like to talk about Gojyo, and I haven't meta'd enough lately: Talk to me about Gojyo's sexuality. Does he prefer men or women? Does he prefer one for some things and the other for other things? How much do you think his history (with his mother and brother) affects his sexuality? What do you really suspect he's like in bed, aside from fanon and fanfic. Basically, what are your gut feeling and interpretations of Gojyo's sexual side? Talk to me.

And look, I even have an appropriate icon for this!
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Just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Yes, I was one of those dorky people who was willing to brave crowded theaters and overpriced tickets just because I had to see it the first day it was out. My conclusion: pirate movies are innately awesome, and when you've got the cast and the premise that PotC does, there's not much you can do to screw the movie up. My more in-depth, spoilery, and probably slightly misspelled (because I’m too tired to edit right now, sorry!) thoughts... )

And. I just went on for nearly a thousand words. XD In summary, I really did enjoy the movie a lot and I’m looking forward to the third one. I was surprised by Dead Man’s Chest, definitely, but not disappointed at all. It will be interesting to see what comes next. Good job, moviemakers!
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I have come to the sad conclusion that my immune system has up and died on me. I've has some type of flu/cold every single month since about Christmas, and I'm getting heartily sick of it, no pun intended. Dear World: It's summer. Flu/cold season is supposed to be over now. Agh. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I have of course decided that I have developed some horrible syndrome that has destroyed my immune system and now I'll have to spend the rest of my short life in a plastic bubble. But then, everyone else I know seems to be sick just as frequently as I am, and we're all complaining about how often we've had flus this year. So I don't know. Perhaps I'll postpone the bubble-ordering.

Onto slightly more interesting topics. I've been gleefully reading and rereading a whole bunch of manga lately. Aside from Sex Pistols, which I already mentioned and which is the most fabulous crack I've ever seen, I've finally caught up on Antique Bakery. I read the first bit of the series some time ago, and didn't really get into, but I've tried it again recently, and it's fantastic. Oh my goodness. I love this. *dies* Ono is the most wonderful character ever, but I adore everyone. The only problem is that I get hungry whenever I read it. Now I want cake. Mmm. I read the first two volume scanlations, and now I want to read volume three, but tragically I'm kinda broke right now, so I'll have to wait a few weeks to buy it. Woe.

Speaking of money, I dropped my last few dollars on Saiyuki Reload 4. Cut for slight spoilers )
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YOU! Yes, you! If you haven't seen Even a Worm 19 at [ profile] radiofreebanri (translations can be found here and here), you need to go look at it RIGHT NOW.

And then you need to come over here so we can cling together and squee frantically.

*quiet flailing*
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The first round of answers for that meme. I don't guarantee coherancy here. The really long answers (for Sanzo/Goku, Goku, Gojyo, and Gojyo/Hakkai) will be up in the next few days. :D

Kanzeon )

Schuldig/Nagi )

Farfarello )

Hakkai )
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Thinking of You parts 1-7 and parts 8-12 by [ profile] ciceqi. If you haven't read this, you must read it now. One of my all-time favorite (sadly unfinished) Sanzo/Goku fics that I've just had the pleasure of rereading. [ profile] ciceqi is the queen of 393!

Exit Wounds by [ profile] lebateleur. A really clever and unique Gaiden fic. It skillfully manages to say a lot without saying too much. Very, very nice.

Nothing Between You and I by [ profile] elizacake. Exquisitely lovely Kenren/Tenpou/Konzen. Perfectly in-character.

Saiyuki/Batman crossover part six by [ profile] louiselux. Eee. I just adore this fic. Also, it's her birthday tomorrow, so don't forget to wish her a happy one! ♥

The Best Thing Ever, as linked by [ profile] harukami. The ADV site. Now look at the title bar. Right up at the top. Yep, there. *dies*

Weiss Kreuz

Siberia by [ profile] bladderwrack. Fascinating, rhapsodical Crawford/Schuldig fic. Wow.

You and I and He by [ profile] zero_sleep. I have nothing to say except: AKFJDAJKAJDGFJA HOT! *smolders* Rowr.

Brainbrakingly hot Schuldig pictures by [ profile] cmda_alexandra. Guh. And guh. Did I mention guh?

Randomly, I have found out that it is completely impossible for me to buy red apples without thinking of Hakkai and Gojyo. It's a good thing I generally prefer green apples, because giggling and grinning to yourself in the produce section of the grocery store kind of makes you looks like a nut. *facepalms*

Also, no matter how many read this Reload bit, Hakkai's little daydream about his zombie wife and kids is still horrifying to me. I find that to be Hakkai's creepiest moment ever. It even beats him talking about decomposing corpses. Seriously. What the hell, Hakkai.

Also, I have sent the valentines out! For those of you who requested one, keep an eye out for a special message from your favorite character! Coming soon to a mailbox near you!
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I am fairly sure I am going to app Kougaiji for [ profile] campfuckudie, so I'd like to ask all of you for your thoughts and opinions on him as a character, to help me get a better handle on him.

What do you think of him? What sort of person is he, in your opinion? What are some of his main characteristics? What do you think of his past, and how do you think it influences him? What do you think he thinks of other people, and what do you think his relationship is with his mother, Lirin, Yaone, Doku, Goku, etc...?

Tell me your thoughts on Kougaiji. :)
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I'm sure by now you've all read [ profile] louiselux's post about virgin!Sanzo and all the comments therein. And if you haven't, what are you doing here? Go read it!

I was fascinated by the different ideas people presented and decided that I clearly need to make my own post about my thoughts on Sanzo's virginity.

(As an amusing aside: I mostly decided this when I found myself thinking intently about virgin!Sanzo at work and marking down notes about what issues I wanted to address in this post. Look, it was a slow day at work, okay?)

Further thoughts on virgin!Sanzo )
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Gods, I love Burial Arc. I reread the Gojyo and Hakkai part a few weeks ago, and on a whim I started rereading the Sanzo part today. I think this arc might be my favorite chapters of Saiyuki.

Part of the reason I love it so much is that it's the 'missing years', but it's not filler. Those missing years are what shaped the characters and made them into the people we see in the later series. They're the events that gave the characters backbone and purpose, and strengthened their relationships.

I love the Gojyo and Hakkai chapters partly for the sheer OTP-ness. I mean, come on. They are so married. But I also love seeing at least in part how Gojyo went from being a gambler and playboy with nothing else to live for and care about into the Gojyo he is later in the series. And how Hakkai went from being newly reincarnated from Gonou and still deeply unstable, into becoming Hakkai. And still deeply unstable. *dies* And the advancement of their relationship with each other, and little bits of their lives before that are's wonderful.

The Sanzo chapters are particularly wonderful. It's some very important character development there, seeing how Sanzo went from Kouryuu to Sanzo, and seeing that even though he had the title, it really did take four years until he could let go of his anger and vengeance, and the life he had before to become Sanzo.

The Three Aspects were right; he really had gone off the path. He didn't know what he wanted anymore, he had no purpose and no clarity. He was apparently plagued by nightmares about his master's death every night, and he really was losing more and more of his sanity (like when he shoved the gun in that monk's face). After the Grand Reverend died, though, that was a real life-changing thing for him. It was first time he wore the robes of the Sanzo, after the Grand Reverend's death. And that was when he picked up the cigarettes, too. But more than that, he realized what he wanted, what he was living for, what he was fighting for.

And then, at the very end, after all that had happened, that's when he first starts hearing Goku. Wow.

And sweet Lord, the prologue and epilogue! The conversations between Ukoku and Koumyou, and then the little bit of Nii at the end...damn. It's obviously very telling, but as with many parts of Saiyuki, it's hard to figure exactly what we're being told.

This arc just blows my mind. Onto the Ukoku chapter!
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I think one of my favorite moments in Saiyuki is in volume 5 when Hakkai is telling Gojyo that when Kanan was kidnapped, he didn't sense anything. He feels bad because he thinks he didn't love her enough; if he did he would have had some kind of sixth-sense and known she was in trouble. Gojyo gently scoffs at that, and kind of says that sort of thing isn't realistic and it's not at all Hakkai's fault. And then, a few pages later, Hakkai is attacked by a Random Youkai. Gojyo is walking around with Sanzo and Goku, and he freezes. Sanzo and Goku ask him what's wrong, and he won't say, but it's obvious he senses something. ♥ Best. Subtext. Ever.

Also, in volume 7 when Sanzo is tackled off the cliff by Another Random Youkai, Goku has a similar reaction while he's trapped in the gourd with Hakkai. He immediatly senses that something has happened to Sanzo. I love that. *hearts*

A reminder! Remember to go here and fill out the poll if you want to be on the NaNoWriMo filter for this journal. I'm probably going to start posting about that soon. Also, I suspect that there will be quite a few polls about my novel. Should Character A fall in love with Character B or Character C? What cheap plot device should I include next? Which name is better for Character D/the country they live in/the title of the book? Oh yes, it's gonna be fun. *dies*

Also, I saw a trailer for the movie Chicken Little. It had Dragostea din Tei playing in the background. I nearly choked on my drink. *giggles uncontrollably* That song is going to take over the world!
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'Nother reminder.

I will soon be using filters on this journal for all personal content. See this entry for more information, and to let me know if you want to be on the filters.

Also: OMG 100 ICONS! WOOT! *loads PSP7 to make new icons as fast as possible*

ETA: A meme junkie iz me. I can stop any time I want, dammit. Ask any of the characters from any of my fics a question, and they will answer.
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I watched Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for the five-millionth time last night.

Cut for spoilers )
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After binging on anime for the past couple of weeks, I've come to certain realizations. One of which is: if you have an older brother, he is always evil and/or working for the enemy. Also, he probably killed your family.

I have no idea why this is always the case, but it is. Hm. Discuss.
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Hogwarts poll, 'cause all the cool kids are doing it. )

Things You Can Learn about the Plot of the Next Harry Potter Book Just by Looking at the Cover Art Bwah! Very funny.

I need to hurry up and finish OotP, though. I'm up to Snape's Worst Memory, aka, The Marauders Were Asses. Still about 250 pages to go, though. I think my main problem with OotP is that about half of the book could have been cut without sacrificing the plot. It's just too bloody long. The book really drags on in several parts, I think.

It was 115ºF today. *commits hara-kiri*

I bought a yoga mat, finally. No more sliding around on a towel like a fool! Yay!

Also, you must check out [ profile] emungere's Ranma/Saiyuki crossover. [ profile] emungere? Please marry me.

I got my copy of vol. 9 of Saiyuki yesterday! Whee! And, whoa. I did not expect that plot twist. *blinks* Also, is it totally wrong that I want to have mad sex with Kami-sama?

My writing is not going well. Actually, it's not going at all. I need to get off my ass and work on my youkai!Hakkai fic for [ profile] yaoi_challenge. That's gonna be due before I know it. Also, it might be good if I finished the Crawford/Schuldig Seven Deadly Sins series one day. Oh, and my 835 fic. Yeah. *eyes stack of WIPs fearfully*

And I made this little icon for myself, because making fun of Scientology is fun!
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I will never, ever stop finding those Geico commercials funny. *wipes tears of laughter* I just saw the Speed Racer one. Sheer brilliance.

Hilarious Naruto fic. You must read this. Must *splorfles like crazy*

Very nice post-series Saiyuki fic, Night of Unfamiliar Ceilings by [ profile] wyhcadci.

Saiyuki vol. 9 is out! *presses nose against the front window to watch for UPS deliveryman*

Twenty more days until Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out. I'm almost done with my rereading of OotP and CoS. I may skim through PS and GoF as well. I've read PoA so many times I don't even need to reread that one. I'm not sure I'd classify myself as a HP fan. I've read the books, read some fanfic, and so on, but I'm not terribly passionate about the series. Still, I am kind of excited to see what will happen in the next book, and what direction JK Rowling is taking the series in. Also, I'm kind of looking forward to the inevitable internet wankiness that will ensue after the book comes out, but that's probably a bad reason to be excited, right?
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