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I should never be allowed to go into Barnes and Noble, under and circumstances. It's not just that I inevitably end up buying more manga than I should, I get addicted to new series and promptly run home to preorder the next few volumes on *FACEPALMS*

But I have discovered some pretty new shinies! One Thousand and One Nights is an extremely lovely manhwa, and I adore the art. The Tarot Cafe is funky and pretty, and reminds me a little of Petshop of Horrors. Gorgeous Carat is completely cheesetastic, cliche yaoi manga-type fare, but I like it anyway. Mmm. Tasty new manga and manhwa!
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I have come to the sad conclusion that my immune system has up and died on me. I've has some type of flu/cold every single month since about Christmas, and I'm getting heartily sick of it, no pun intended. Dear World: It's summer. Flu/cold season is supposed to be over now. Agh. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I have of course decided that I have developed some horrible syndrome that has destroyed my immune system and now I'll have to spend the rest of my short life in a plastic bubble. But then, everyone else I know seems to be sick just as frequently as I am, and we're all complaining about how often we've had flus this year. So I don't know. Perhaps I'll postpone the bubble-ordering.

Onto slightly more interesting topics. I've been gleefully reading and rereading a whole bunch of manga lately. Aside from Sex Pistols, which I already mentioned and which is the most fabulous crack I've ever seen, I've finally caught up on Antique Bakery. I read the first bit of the series some time ago, and didn't really get into, but I've tried it again recently, and it's fantastic. Oh my goodness. I love this. *dies* Ono is the most wonderful character ever, but I adore everyone. The only problem is that I get hungry whenever I read it. Now I want cake. Mmm. I read the first two volume scanlations, and now I want to read volume three, but tragically I'm kinda broke right now, so I'll have to wait a few weeks to buy it. Woe.

Speaking of money, I dropped my last few dollars on Saiyuki Reload 4. Cut for slight spoilers )
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YOU! Yes, you! If you haven't seen Even a Worm 19 at [ profile] radiofreebanri (translations can be found here and here), you need to go look at it RIGHT NOW.

And then you need to come over here so we can cling together and squee frantically.

*quiet flailing*
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Gods, I love Burial Arc. I reread the Gojyo and Hakkai part a few weeks ago, and on a whim I started rereading the Sanzo part today. I think this arc might be my favorite chapters of Saiyuki.

Part of the reason I love it so much is that it's the 'missing years', but it's not filler. Those missing years are what shaped the characters and made them into the people we see in the later series. They're the events that gave the characters backbone and purpose, and strengthened their relationships.

I love the Gojyo and Hakkai chapters partly for the sheer OTP-ness. I mean, come on. They are so married. But I also love seeing at least in part how Gojyo went from being a gambler and playboy with nothing else to live for and care about into the Gojyo he is later in the series. And how Hakkai went from being newly reincarnated from Gonou and still deeply unstable, into becoming Hakkai. And still deeply unstable. *dies* And the advancement of their relationship with each other, and little bits of their lives before that are's wonderful.

The Sanzo chapters are particularly wonderful. It's some very important character development there, seeing how Sanzo went from Kouryuu to Sanzo, and seeing that even though he had the title, it really did take four years until he could let go of his anger and vengeance, and the life he had before to become Sanzo.

The Three Aspects were right; he really had gone off the path. He didn't know what he wanted anymore, he had no purpose and no clarity. He was apparently plagued by nightmares about his master's death every night, and he really was losing more and more of his sanity (like when he shoved the gun in that monk's face). After the Grand Reverend died, though, that was a real life-changing thing for him. It was first time he wore the robes of the Sanzo, after the Grand Reverend's death. And that was when he picked up the cigarettes, too. But more than that, he realized what he wanted, what he was living for, what he was fighting for.

And then, at the very end, after all that had happened, that's when he first starts hearing Goku. Wow.

And sweet Lord, the prologue and epilogue! The conversations between Ukoku and Koumyou, and then the little bit of Nii at the end...damn. It's obviously very telling, but as with many parts of Saiyuki, it's hard to figure exactly what we're being told.

This arc just blows my mind. Onto the Ukoku chapter!
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I think one of my favorite moments in Saiyuki is in volume 5 when Hakkai is telling Gojyo that when Kanan was kidnapped, he didn't sense anything. He feels bad because he thinks he didn't love her enough; if he did he would have had some kind of sixth-sense and known she was in trouble. Gojyo gently scoffs at that, and kind of says that sort of thing isn't realistic and it's not at all Hakkai's fault. And then, a few pages later, Hakkai is attacked by a Random Youkai. Gojyo is walking around with Sanzo and Goku, and he freezes. Sanzo and Goku ask him what's wrong, and he won't say, but it's obvious he senses something. ♥ Best. Subtext. Ever.

Also, in volume 7 when Sanzo is tackled off the cliff by Another Random Youkai, Goku has a similar reaction while he's trapped in the gourd with Hakkai. He immediatly senses that something has happened to Sanzo. I love that. *hearts*

A reminder! Remember to go here and fill out the poll if you want to be on the NaNoWriMo filter for this journal. I'm probably going to start posting about that soon. Also, I suspect that there will be quite a few polls about my novel. Should Character A fall in love with Character B or Character C? What cheap plot device should I include next? Which name is better for Character D/the country they live in/the title of the book? Oh yes, it's gonna be fun. *dies*

Also, I saw a trailer for the movie Chicken Little. It had Dragostea din Tei playing in the background. I nearly choked on my drink. *giggles uncontrollably* That song is going to take over the world!

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