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I've said it before, and I say it again. Syberia was the most exquistely beautiful game ever. And it's successor is not disappointing! The art in these games just blows me away every time I look at it. It's like an incredible painting. The attention to details is breathtaking: the soft glow of reflected light on metalic surfaces, the perfect reflections in puddles on the sidewalk, the stream of light coming in from a window. It's gorgeous. And the landscapes are just as stunning as the amazing mechanical contraptions. It's all just so beautiful. I've spent a good bit of time on these games just looking at the scenery. And of course, playing the cutscenes over and over. So pretty. In fact, a picture of the bridge at Valadilene is currenly the background on my desktop.

I really, really need to work on my fics for [ profile] yaoi_challenge. *squirms* Due in a week and I'm only partically done with one and haven't even started the other! Ack!
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Apparently, being out of school is actually more stressful and busy than being in school. Who knew?

The last few weeks have totally passed in a blur of packing, moving, rearranging, applying, calling, visiting, and just general running around. *passes out* I cannot believe it's already more than halfway through June. WTF?

Also, I now have five different job applications at five different places. So somebody better hire me, or it will be totally embarrassing.

Okay, enough boring job-and-school talk.

I indulged in some retail therapy on Wednesday and bought myself two new computer games. I got Syberia and Aura: Fate of the Ages. I forgot how much I love computer games. I haven't gotten a new one since last October, so I've spent a good bit of the last two days holed up in front of my computer. *snickers* Yay, gaming goodness!

I've missed tons and tons of fic that's been posted in the last couple weeks, so I'm trying to catch up. [ profile] emungere put up the next part of Here and Now. YAY! Also, I want to pimp out [ profile] permetaform's new Saiyuki Five Things That Happened Afterward. So good!

My own fics are plugging along steadily, and with any luck, I'll have a new one to put up in the next couple days. Yay!

I miss being able to hang out online and chat with all of you! Hopefully, things will slow down soon. *blows kisses*

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