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I finally, finally, finally got around to updating my fic masterlist and the list of fics in my memories. I hadn't updated it since October so it was pretty desperately in need of some work. Maybe next time I'll remember to update it more frequently than every six months! Ahahaha.

Anyway, there's a bunch of new fic listed now, all nice and neat, so if you get the urge to check it out, the links are below. Happy reading!

Cicer's Fic Masterlist - In my opinion, the most organized way to browse my fic

Saiyuki Fics (in memories) - If you prefer looking through my memories

Weiss Kreuz Fic (in memories) - Again, if you prefer to browse through the memories

...And now I guess I have no excuse to procrastinate with my writing, huh? Darn it! *shuffles back to the salt mines*
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Your one-stop shopping spot for everything I've written!


Five Stages of Sexual Response A drabble series written for [ profile] stagesoflove. Hakkai/Gojyo.

Seven Deadly Sins Another series for [ profile] stagesoflove. The developing romance between Sanzo and Goku.

One Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings Four short character pieces on the Sanzo-ikkou, and their repective pasts.

(You and Me) And the Devil Makes Three Written for [ profile] yaoi_challenge. Slight Hakkai/Gojyo. The conversation and explanations that happened after the apple-cart scene.

Observation A brief Hakkai/Gojyo ficlet.

Nii pr0n part one / part two Complete crack, from the pen of Nii Jianyi. Hakkai/Gojyo. If you'd like to see other people's Nii crackfic, the complete list is here.

Some Like it Shot part one / part two / part three / part four / part five / part six / part seven / part eight / part nine / part ten More crack. An AU fic based on a result [ profile] louiselux got on the LJ movie synopsis. Beware of crossdressing and general insanity. Gojyo/Sanzo.

Degrees of Separation Gojyo/Sanzo, from Hakkai's point of view.

Untitled 393 cookie A mini-fic that may be expanded upon at some point.

Snow A ficlet in response to [ profile] louiselux's wonderful fic, Sakura

Bared I-II / III-IV / V-VII A Hakkai/Gojyo fic. One night in the woods, alone and without limiters.

Five Things That Never Happened to Nii Jienyi Based off the 'five things' prompt, done for everyone's favorite bunny-loving pervert. Somewhat AU.

Je Retournerai A tie-in with [ profile] louiselux's fic, Ne Me Quitte Pas. The story of what happened to Hakkai and Sanzo while they were gone. Some Hakkai/Gojyo.

Les Femmes A short ficlet about Gojyo's relationship with his mother.

Absolution A short ficlet about Hakkai reconciling his relationship with his Catholic upbringing with his new life.

Without You, Within Me A short ficlet set after the events of Even a Worm 19. Light Hakkai/Gojyo, Sanzo/Goku.

Heart in Hand A bit of Kou/Doku/Yaone smut.

Of Rabbits A bit of fic examining Ukoku's relationship with Koumyou.

Hallelujah Goku recovers his memories of Heaven.

Wicked Little Town part one / part two. Banri turns up again while the Ikkou are on their journey. Explicit Banri/Gojyo, Gojyo/Hakkai.

Nesting Jeep suddenly lays eggs. Utter crack. I should be shot.

Breathing A moment-in-time, set shortly after Goku first comes to the temple.

Bar Tricks Antagonism and flirtation between Gojyo and Sanzo.

Without a Trace Kamisama and his relationship with his master. Not a happy story.

Visceral Limitations Hakkai surprises Gojyo. Vine porn!

Dress Up Nii loves bunnies, after all.

Epicurean Delights Gojyo and Hakkai are in love, Goku is growing up, and Sanzo longs for the good old days.

Thaw Sanzo unintentionally overhears Gojyo and Hakkai being intimate.

Sotto Voce Gojyo is unwittingly seduced.

Aftershocks What Gojyo was thinking when he cut his hair.

Five Ways Hakkai and Gojyo Never Met Other ways the two might have found each other.

Work Ethic Gojyo really likes Hakkai's youkai form.

Birds and Bees Gojyo teaches Goku the facts of life.

Cocoon What happened the night before the man Gojyo picked up on the side of the road left.

Taboo A twist of fate, and how things might have been different for Gojyo.

Embarazado Doku knocks up Kougaiji. For Mpreg Week.

The Ceremony of Innocence A moment in time from Gojyo and Jien's childhood.

A Small Crime Jien would do almost anything for his mother. Written for [ profile] saiyuki_time prompt #3.

Entrapment Gojyo has a rather unique addiction, and arranges for Hakkai to give him what he wants. Written for [ profile] saiyuki_time prompt #5.

So Funny I Forgot to Laugh Gojyo would really like Hakkai to stop laughing manically in his sleep. Written for [ profile] saiyuki_time prompt #6.

Annunciation Sequel to Embarazado. Doku shares the blessed news with Gojyo.

Bundling Goku and Sanzo on a cold night. Written for [ profile] saiyuki_time prompt #26.

Out in the Wash A rainy day on the road. Written for [ profile] saiyuki_time prompt #43.

Frost As winter approaches, Sanzo does some thinking. Written for [ profile] saiyuki_time prompt #46.

Second Skin Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 Gojyo wakes up one morning to discover he has become a woman. Hilarity (and angst) ensue. Discontinued

Weiss Kreuz

With a Complex Touch A Crawford/Schuldig fic for [ profile] yaoi_challenge. The prompt was blood, sex, and a strange kind of affection.

Five Stages of Love Yet another [ profile] stagesoflove series. This time it's Crawford and Schuldig, and how their relationship unfolded.

Seven Deadly Sins More [ profile] stagesoflove. Crawford, Schuldig, and their relationship with each other, and with sin.

Sexual Domination (And Other Uses For Telekinesis) Nagi proves that he's a top.

Collared Aya is roped into Yohji's sexual fantasies.

Last Man Standing Weiss is defeated and dead. Almost.

A Posteriori Crawford has many memories of Schuldig.


Untitled A short bit of Yumichika/Ikkaku smut.

Antique Bakery

When it Alteration Finds Ono's 'demonic charm' most definitely doesn't work on Tachibana. Right?


A Long Slow Collision In which Arthur is a girl and Eames knocks her up. Yes, all these cliches and more!

Misc. Requested Ficlets

Hakkai/Gojyo, "That's not where I told you to put it" Requested by [ profile] harukami

Hakkai, nightmares Requested by [ profile] ann89103.

Crawford, Nagi drugs Requsted by [ profile] daegaer.

Schuldig/Nagi, flavored vodka Requested by [ profile] daegaer.

Hakkai/Gojyo, rain Requested by [ profile] louiselux.

Sanzo/Goku, origami Requested by [ profile] miyukis.

Nagi, consequences Requested by [ profile] mistressrenet.

Gojyo/Hakkai toothbrush Requested by [ profile] emungere.

Sanzo, good mood Requested by [ profile] lisa_bee

Hakkai/Sanzo, lust Requested by [ profile] louiselux.

Schuldig, Yohji, scarves Requested by [ profile] ann89103.

Multifandom Zen Drabbles

A project in which I am attempting to write a drabble for all 79 cards of the Osho Zen Tarot deck. Still in progress. Various fandoms.

transformation, slowing down, the master

exhaustion, integration, maturity

compromise, existence

projections, breakthrough

intensity, comparison, courage

clinging to the past

Holiday Card Drabbles 2005

Short bits of fic I wrote to tuck into the holiday cards I sent out to my LJ friends.

Round 1

Round 2

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