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Some of you may remember that around this time last year (and the year before that) I took it into my head to declare a randomly chosen seven-day span of time to be Mpreg Week. Perhaps you'd forgotten. Perhaps you'd hoped I'd forgotten! Au contraire, my dears; I have not forgotten! And since I love mpreg, and others have been kind enough to indulge me in the past, I am now declaring it to be The Third Annual Mpreg Week! You know what that means! Mpreg, from today until next Sunday! Read it, write it, draw it, rec it, talk about it, whatever tickles your fancy. For my part, I shall work on finishing the long-awaited sequel to Embarazado, and perhaps a few other little drabbles and ficlets if I can manage it.

Now, go forth and mpreg!
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So anyway. I was going to make a post about how I've started my spring semester, that I really like all my classes, and that I survived clothes shopping. I was even going to post some fannish stuff, for the first time in ages. However, all those plans just went out the window, because I just saw the new chapter of Saiyuki Reload over at [ profile] radiofreebanri and I have lost the ability to make a complete, coherent sentence.

In conclusion, OH MY GOD!!!

Someone please come talk with me about this, because I am flailing all over the place and need to analyze this EXCITING NEW TURN OF EVENTS. And also flail more. Yes.
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Apparently so. Several different charity-type programs have come to my attention in the past couple days, so I thought I'd link to them so that anyone who's inclined to donate time or money can do so. Yay for helping others!

SixApart is offering free $30 gift certificates to for everyone who requests one by October 1st. You e-mail them to ask for one, and then get to pick out a program to donate to. Doesn't cost anyone but 6A a penny, and you get to help classrooms in need! [ profile] telophase found three different programs trying to raise money to bring manga into the classrooms and posted the info here. Help more kids experience the joys of manga! :D

[ profile] madame_maya also pointed out [ profile] projectdownload. It's a project in which a woman in need of money for surgery is trying to achieve the number of downloads necessary to get a cash reward from MegaUpload to pay for it. I know, I know; sounds fishy, right? But it really does seem on the up-and-up. She's not even asking for money, all you have to do is download a tiny text file. They're virus- and spyware-free, and take only a few seconds to download. Worst case scenario: it's a joke or a scam, in which case you're only out a few minutes of your life. Best case scenario: someone who really needs help gets it, and you get good karma for helping! The links can be found here.

While we're on the subject of charity, and since it's almost that time of the year again, I thought I might also point out the NaNoWriMo donation section. If you've enjoyed NaNoWriMo in the past, I'd strongly urge you to think about tossing a few bucks in the hat. It's tax-deductible, and NaNoWriMo is always in need of the bucks to fund its programs (like the Young Writers Program). Plus, you get little treats, depending on how much you donate!

Also, I recently came across those charity-click sites again. I know many of you are already familiar with them, but I thought I'd link in case you forgot about them like I did. :) They're sponsor funded, and all you have to do is visit the site and click a button and the sponsor gives money to the cause. If you are so inclined, you can also purchase goodies in the shops, with all the profits going to the charities.

Save The World - One Click At A Time!

On each of these websites, you can click a button to support the cause -- each click creates funding, and costs you nothing! Bookmark these sites, and click once a day!

Click here to post this on your page or 'blog

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As everyone scrambles to back up their journals and set things up on other sites, I thought I ought to toss in my info so you all know where to find me in case things go sour sometime in the future. I currently have journals on InsaneJournal, JournalFen, and GreatestJournal under the same name, and all of my entries are backed up there. I'm still in the process of fixing them up and organizing icons and layouts, tagging posts, etc etc, so they ought to be looking a little more presentable soon. I'm also tracking down and friending others who have journals on those sites, so if you have one let me know so I can find you. :)

It's worth noting that I'm not planning on leaving LiveJournal any time soon, and this site will probably remain my primary journaling site, at least until I get more comfortable with the others. We'll see how things go, and where fandom drifts. Meanwhile, the info about where I am and the links to my other journals can be found in this entry, which will stay at the top of my journal so anyone who wants to know where to find me can easily see it. If I find myself drifting away from LJ and setting up shop more permanently somewhere else, I'll make a note of it there.

Lastly, I want to get cheesy for a moment and say that I really do believe fandom will pull through this just fine. It's an inconvenience, and I know a lot of us have had very emotional reactions to what's been happening and it's hit us hard. But I have met so many wonderful people through fandom that I feel sure we'll stick together and not let this ruffle our feathers too much. And I fully intend to stay in touch with everyone I know online, even if it means I have to check four different journaling sites. So I hope none of you are planning on getting rid of me, because I'm planning on being around for a long time. :)
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About a year ago, I took it upon myself to delcare it Mpreg Week. My friendslist is wonderful and coopertive, and dutifully composed several lovely fics in celebration. I meant to announce another Mpreg Week this year, but forgot. I just realized I've overshot the mark by about two weeks, but better late then never, right? Don't answer that.

Thus, I once again give myself the authority to declare that today until next Saturday is Mpreg Week Version 2.0. I heartily encourage all of you who are inclined to participate to pick some unlucky character and knock them up. Spam your friendslist with mpreg fic, they like it! Really!

And I swear on a stack of bibles that I will produce something myself this time around. You may all form a posse to take me out back and shoot me if I don't come through. To give me some encouragement, I will take prompts for mpreg drabbles and ficlets. Give me your requests, and I'll do my very best to produce something for you!
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I am bored and failing at posting. Rec posts coming soon, I swear. Despite the fact that there haven't been any in like a month because Higher Education is eating me alive and chewing on my bones. Also, new fic is on the way, a lot of it. (I know, I've been saying that for over a month, but I. Uh. Mean it this time. *expires*)

In the meantime! Partially in relation to a long fic I'm working on, and partially because I'm just curious and like to talk about Gojyo, and I haven't meta'd enough lately: Talk to me about Gojyo's sexuality. Does he prefer men or women? Does he prefer one for some things and the other for other things? How much do you think his history (with his mother and brother) affects his sexuality? What do you really suspect he's like in bed, aside from fanon and fanfic. Basically, what are your gut feeling and interpretations of Gojyo's sexual side? Talk to me.

And look, I even have an appropriate icon for this!
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Just got back from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. Yes, I was one of those dorky people who was willing to brave crowded theaters and overpriced tickets just because I had to see it the first day it was out. My conclusion: pirate movies are innately awesome, and when you've got the cast and the premise that PotC does, there's not much you can do to screw the movie up. My more in-depth, spoilery, and probably slightly misspelled (because I’m too tired to edit right now, sorry!) thoughts... )

And. I just went on for nearly a thousand words. XD In summary, I really did enjoy the movie a lot and I’m looking forward to the third one. I was surprised by Dead Man’s Chest, definitely, but not disappointed at all. It will be interesting to see what comes next. Good job, moviemakers!
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I have come to the sad conclusion that my immune system has up and died on me. I've has some type of flu/cold every single month since about Christmas, and I'm getting heartily sick of it, no pun intended. Dear World: It's summer. Flu/cold season is supposed to be over now. Agh. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I have of course decided that I have developed some horrible syndrome that has destroyed my immune system and now I'll have to spend the rest of my short life in a plastic bubble. But then, everyone else I know seems to be sick just as frequently as I am, and we're all complaining about how often we've had flus this year. So I don't know. Perhaps I'll postpone the bubble-ordering.

Onto slightly more interesting topics. I've been gleefully reading and rereading a whole bunch of manga lately. Aside from Sex Pistols, which I already mentioned and which is the most fabulous crack I've ever seen, I've finally caught up on Antique Bakery. I read the first bit of the series some time ago, and didn't really get into, but I've tried it again recently, and it's fantastic. Oh my goodness. I love this. *dies* Ono is the most wonderful character ever, but I adore everyone. The only problem is that I get hungry whenever I read it. Now I want cake. Mmm. I read the first two volume scanlations, and now I want to read volume three, but tragically I'm kinda broke right now, so I'll have to wait a few weeks to buy it. Woe.

Speaking of money, I dropped my last few dollars on Saiyuki Reload 4. Cut for slight spoilers )
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[ profile] hydr0phobia declares that it is, apparently, Mpreg Day. I don’t think a day is enough time to appreciate the wonderful crack involved in knocking up fictional male characters, so. By the power vested in me, by me, I declare from now until next Tuesday MPREG WEEK.

As we did with International Saiyuki Week, let’s celebrate. MPREG! Read it, write it, rec it, talk about it, and so forth. Spread the word! Pimp this out and let everyone share in the magical, special joy that is mpreg.

Come on, these things have to start somewhere, right? :D

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[ profile] emungere did a fabulous rendition of Wallace Steven's poem Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, Thirteen Ways of Looking at Serenity. It made me want to do one of my own, so I borrowed her idea. :)

Thirteen Ways of Looking at Saiyuki Gaiden )
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YOU! Yes, you! If you haven't seen Even a Worm 19 at [ profile] radiofreebanri (translations can be found here and here), you need to go look at it RIGHT NOW.

And then you need to come over here so we can cling together and squee frantically.

*quiet flailing*
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The first round of answers for that meme. I don't guarantee coherancy here. The really long answers (for Sanzo/Goku, Goku, Gojyo, and Gojyo/Hakkai) will be up in the next few days. :D

Kanzeon )

Schuldig/Nagi )

Farfarello )

Hakkai )


Mar. 2nd, 2006 04:30 pm
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In the last twenty four hours, I've seen a glorious picture of youkai!Hakkai, gotten two new chapters at [ profile] radiofreebanri, and had vol. 3 of Reload manga and vol. 2 and 3 of Reload anime arrive in the mail. Some days, it's good to be a fan. Expect squeeing/gasping about vol.3 of the manga and link-pimping of youkai!Hakkai shortly.

Also, stolen from pretty much everyone on my flist: Name a character or pairing! Watch me ramble on about it! And ramble I will. Expect essays, seriously. I am wordy today.
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I'm sure by now you've all read [ profile] louiselux's post about virgin!Sanzo and all the comments therein. And if you haven't, what are you doing here? Go read it!

I was fascinated by the different ideas people presented and decided that I clearly need to make my own post about my thoughts on Sanzo's virginity.

(As an amusing aside: I mostly decided this when I found myself thinking intently about virgin!Sanzo at work and marking down notes about what issues I wanted to address in this post. Look, it was a slow day at work, okay?)

Further thoughts on virgin!Sanzo )
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Gods, I love Burial Arc. I reread the Gojyo and Hakkai part a few weeks ago, and on a whim I started rereading the Sanzo part today. I think this arc might be my favorite chapters of Saiyuki.

Part of the reason I love it so much is that it's the 'missing years', but it's not filler. Those missing years are what shaped the characters and made them into the people we see in the later series. They're the events that gave the characters backbone and purpose, and strengthened their relationships.

I love the Gojyo and Hakkai chapters partly for the sheer OTP-ness. I mean, come on. They are so married. But I also love seeing at least in part how Gojyo went from being a gambler and playboy with nothing else to live for and care about into the Gojyo he is later in the series. And how Hakkai went from being newly reincarnated from Gonou and still deeply unstable, into becoming Hakkai. And still deeply unstable. *dies* And the advancement of their relationship with each other, and little bits of their lives before that are's wonderful.

The Sanzo chapters are particularly wonderful. It's some very important character development there, seeing how Sanzo went from Kouryuu to Sanzo, and seeing that even though he had the title, it really did take four years until he could let go of his anger and vengeance, and the life he had before to become Sanzo.

The Three Aspects were right; he really had gone off the path. He didn't know what he wanted anymore, he had no purpose and no clarity. He was apparently plagued by nightmares about his master's death every night, and he really was losing more and more of his sanity (like when he shoved the gun in that monk's face). After the Grand Reverend died, though, that was a real life-changing thing for him. It was first time he wore the robes of the Sanzo, after the Grand Reverend's death. And that was when he picked up the cigarettes, too. But more than that, he realized what he wanted, what he was living for, what he was fighting for.

And then, at the very end, after all that had happened, that's when he first starts hearing Goku. Wow.

And sweet Lord, the prologue and epilogue! The conversations between Ukoku and Koumyou, and then the little bit of Nii at the end...damn. It's obviously very telling, but as with many parts of Saiyuki, it's hard to figure exactly what we're being told.

This arc just blows my mind. Onto the Ukoku chapter!
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I think one of my favorite moments in Saiyuki is in volume 5 when Hakkai is telling Gojyo that when Kanan was kidnapped, he didn't sense anything. He feels bad because he thinks he didn't love her enough; if he did he would have had some kind of sixth-sense and known she was in trouble. Gojyo gently scoffs at that, and kind of says that sort of thing isn't realistic and it's not at all Hakkai's fault. And then, a few pages later, Hakkai is attacked by a Random Youkai. Gojyo is walking around with Sanzo and Goku, and he freezes. Sanzo and Goku ask him what's wrong, and he won't say, but it's obvious he senses something. ♥ Best. Subtext. Ever.

Also, in volume 7 when Sanzo is tackled off the cliff by Another Random Youkai, Goku has a similar reaction while he's trapped in the gourd with Hakkai. He immediatly senses that something has happened to Sanzo. I love that. *hearts*

A reminder! Remember to go here and fill out the poll if you want to be on the NaNoWriMo filter for this journal. I'm probably going to start posting about that soon. Also, I suspect that there will be quite a few polls about my novel. Should Character A fall in love with Character B or Character C? What cheap plot device should I include next? Which name is better for Character D/the country they live in/the title of the book? Oh yes, it's gonna be fun. *dies*

Also, I saw a trailer for the movie Chicken Little. It had Dragostea din Tei playing in the background. I nearly choked on my drink. *giggles uncontrollably* That song is going to take over the world!
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I've friended quite a few people in the last couple days. Most are people I've been meaning to friend for a long time, and just haven't gotten around to it until now. *facepalms* Sadly, I completely lack the ability to do things in a timely manner.

But anyway, welcome new friends! I am a relatively harmless fangirl who has had all her shots, so you need not fear if you've suddenly discovered that I have friended you and am actively spamming you with comments and you have no idea who the hell I am. Hee.


I am also trying to sign up for NaNoWriMo, because I apparently hate myself, but the server seems to be overwhemled or something. NaNo, why you bein' a playa hater? Quick, let me sign up, before I regain my sanity!


Speaking of signing up for crazy writing projects that you'll regret later, you can now claim requests for the next phase of [ profile] yaoi_challenge! There are lots of nifty prompts open, so hurry and snap them up! I don't think I'll do any this time, since I've already got two huge fics in the works, plus NaNo, but those of you who have the time or inclinatin ought to go check it out! *pimp pimps*
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...Hello 1,000 words of random Gojyo fic that poured out suddenly within thrity minutes. Where did you come from? *boggles*

Also, I finally bought Reload vol. 1. ♥ Sanzo in his reading glasses does bad, bad things to me.
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Random thoughts on Ep. IV and V:

If you try to take a drink everytime someone says "I've got a bad feeling about this" you will be really, really wasted by the time you finish.

Dear Lord, C3PO and R2 are the biggest OTP of the whole series. They are so married. Theirloveissosnarkyandmechanical.

I love Luke's hilariously anguished pout after it's revealed that Darth Vader is his father. "NooooOOOoooOO!" Like father, like son. The whininess is strong with this one.
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