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Here we go!

Thank you all for sticking with me till the end, particularly after my prolonged absence!I have so appreciated you comments and support over the last few months. You guys rock.

I'll get the fanmix up within the next couple of days, and I may yet do more in this 'verse. I don't have any particular ideas for spinoff stories, but I'm not ruling anything out. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.

Previous parts

Part XIV )

And some final thoughts on the story, AKA meta-ish babbling )
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Oh dear. I'm so sorry it took so long to get this part up. Grad school applications + NaNoWriMo + senior portfolio project = a [ profile] cicer who has been in a work-coma for the past couple of weeks. Arg.

We're almost through here, though. One more part, and then probably a little epilogue. And a fanmix, because if I'm going to write 50k+ of dumb pregnancy fic, then I'm gonna have some musical accompaniment, dammit!

Part XIII )

Onto the final part...
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FUCK YES I WROTE A SEX SCENE. And it only took me about 45,000 words to get there! I am such a winner, you guys.

Please enjoy this much-delayed chapter of pointless smut.

Part XII )

Onto the next part...

Next part will have moar pr0n. That's right. Fuck plots and character development! I'm going to write ALL THE PORN. \o/
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Ha ha, wow, the past two weeks have been a total clusterfuck of illness, personal drama, and entirely too much work to be done. Dear World: plz stop beating up on me nao, kthx. Sorry I'm being so sluggish with the updates, guys. :(

Part XI )

Onto the next part...

So, I'm thinkin' we got about maybe four more parts to go here, with maybe a little bitty epilogue or something after that. So that's where we are. I'm going to do my damndest to wrap this thing up by the end of the month, before NaNoWriMo starts. (Yes, I'm doing that again. Yes, I'm certifiable.)
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...Wow, it was like pulling teeth to get this part finished. :(

Part X )

Onto the next part...

Thanks so much for your patience and kind comments. You are all so lovely. ♥
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Part IX )

Onto the next part...

So, I'm thinking we're past the halfway point here. Maybe six or seven parts left? (Don't hold me to that, I'm notorious for underestimating how long my stories will be.)
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I am deeply annoyed with my professors. They keep assigning me work. Don't they know that I have porn to read and dumb fanfiction to write?! How dare they attempt to make me do something useful with my time! The nerve.

Part VIII )


Yes, it's a cliffhanger. Ain't I just the worst?

Onto the next part...
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Would've had this part up earlier, but. Um. Governor of Poker is stupidly addictive.

Part VII )

Onto the next part...

As always, thanks much for the comments. ♥ I don't have time to reply to each one, but I promise, I read them (and reread them x5) and squeal giddily every time.
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When I started this thing, I thought, oh, hey, this'll just be a short fill! Like, say, 5,000 words!

What's the current wordcount for this thing? 21,820 words.

And how far are we into the story? I have no fucking idea.

Guys. Guys. I have completely lost control of this story. Please send help. D:

Part VI )

Onto the next part...

...So, yeah, I'm just gonna keep writing this? And...hope that I finish before I'm old enough to collect Social Security. Sob.
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Oho! What's this? A wild title appears!

I know, I'm slightly tardy with this part. Sorry. D: This chapter just would. not. end.

Part V )

Onto the next part...

Looks like Sunday and Thursday are going to be the update days for this, so expect the next bit up on Thursday. As always, thanks much for reading and commenting! ♥
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...I really need to come up with a title for this thing, man.

Part IV )

Onto the next part...

Pee Ess! Big thank-you to all of you who have read and commented on this silly, doofy little fic. You make me very happy. ♥
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Aha. Ha. Look, the story's moving forward! ...At a snail's pace.

Part III - In Which Cobb Prepares to Break Someone's Kneecaps )

Onto the next part...
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Okay, I was trying to be all stealthy and stuff, but I wrote a thing for the [ profile] inception_kink meme, and it turned into a big thing, and I think it's going to be something ridiculous like 20k words when I'm finally finished with it. Cry. Anyway, that's way too much to cram into a comment box, so I'm forced to de-anon and stick this sucker up on my journal for the whole world to see.

It's OK. It's not like I had any dignity left anyway.

So here's the first couple parts of a very poorly-written, slapdash fic in which Arthur is a girl and Eames knocks her up. (I KNOW, I KNOW, it's just SO unlike me to write something like this!) Also, there's no title, because I am not clever enough to come up with one. So there.

Part I )

Part II )

Onto the next part...
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