Sep. 11th, 2011

cicer: (O hai)
Oh, look, it's a [ profile] help_japan fic! And it only took me, oh, five months to finish it. *facepalm*

As you might guess, this story gave me absolute fits. I ended up drafting about a bajillion words of backstory for this thing. None of it really had nothing to do with the actual story at hand, but for some reason I couldn't resist sketching out tons of stuff about this universe, and then it turned out that none of that stuff actually made it into the fic. Wah.

Also, I wanted this to be porn-y, and then it...wasn't. It's not even Hakkai/Gojyo, exactly. Face. Palm. It is, however, what [ profile] wk_recomend asked for: a mashup of Saiyuki and Inception, and I really had fun playing around with ways to combine the two universes.

[ profile] wk_recomend, you are a goddess for having so much patience with me as I thrashed this thing into submission. I hope it satisfies, and thank you again for your donation!

This is how it starts. )

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