Apr. 25th, 2011

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Title meme!

1. Find a title.
Any title, be it hauntingly, lyrically beautiful, irresistably quirky or awe-inspiringly insipid.

2. Share it!
Leave the title in the comments.

3. Let me find the story your title should have.
I'll tell you a little bit about the story that I feel fits your title (which may or may not be the story I would have written for the title in question).

4. If you want, post this in your own LJ.
Find stories for other people's titles!
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I keep meaning to post some poems for National Poetry Month, and I keep forgetting! Argh! So here are a few of my favorites, before I forget again.

Erm. It just so happens that the poems I picked this time 'round are a bit...gritty. I think all of these poems are brilliant, and prfoundly beautiful, but I think they exemplify the sort of poetry that is...decidedly not of the flowers-love-and-sonnets school of poetry! So if you're a bit icked out by poems about bestiality, suicide, and teaching young girls to use contraceptives, perhaps these are not the poems for you. Just...so y'all know what you're getting into. :D?

The Sheep Child, by James L. Dickey )

Nothing but Color, by Ai )

Thetis, by Olga Broumas )

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