Feb. 17th, 2011


Feb. 17th, 2011 11:45 pm
cicer: (My life is pain)
Haaa. Well. We just had a power outage! About 40 minutes, from roughly 10:50pm-11:30pm. No big deal! It's nighttime anyway, the weather outside is temperate, and we've got candles and flashlights. All should be well!

Except. About 3 minutes after the power went out, our demon security alarm system started blaring and wouldn't shut up, even when we put in the override code. Called the security alarm company, got a recording. Called their emergency hotline, was told that they couldn't help us, and was forwarded to another number. Got a recording. Was forwarded to another number. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Despite the alarm shrieking loud enough to wake the neighbors, no cops turned up. We were not called by the alarm company themselves. Apparently, our "emergency" wasn't even registering on their sensors. Boy, I feel safe!

Finally, after thirty minutes of frantic telephoning, being told that nobody could help us, and getting ready to take a hammer to the alarm control panel, the power came back on and the alarm shut up. *headdesk*

This is the third time we've had a "false alarm" with this company, and on each occasion, nobody at the alarm company could help us turn it off, and we had to run the gauntlet to even track down a live person to speak to on the phone. Oh, and emergency service personnel never showed up then, either, which makes me think that we could all be murdered in our beds on night and nobody at the alarm company would ever know.

Needless to say, the alarm system? Is getting dismantled tomorrow, and our account is being canceled. RAGE.

Dear alarm company people,

Please die in a fire. Kthnx.

No love,
Our very, very awake household

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