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I saw Thor! I went into it expecting nothing more than an entertaining couple of hours watching muscle-bound men smash things, and that was exactly what I got. So I was happy. The movie itself was pretty cheesy and overwrought, and the acting was lackluster, but that's to be expected, given the genre. The visual effects were pretty, and Chris Hemsworth's abs looked like they could stop bullets, so there was plenty of shiny to look at. As far as summer popcorn flicks go, it was a good one. One critic called it "entertaining and instantly forgettable", and that about sums it up. Still, it was two hours and seven bucks well spent.

Also, I had the joy of coming home and looking up Thor fanfiction on the internets (because I am a slutty fandom slut who is always looking for new pronz to read) and discovering that there is already buckets of fanfic for this movie. Even a motherfucking kink meme. Oh, fandom. You never disappoint me! ♥

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